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early wildcard reflections

skin in the game

you feel your best in life at two times: when you help someone else and when you give your best effort at something.

i was talking with a friend earlier this week over coffee abt wildcard and they were confused as to why i would give the tips i receive back to holders...this friend is not crypto native so the perspective was great and unlocked some things in my mind. helping others often includes the act of giving or sharing...whether it's time, knowledge, effort, resources, or other forms of support. the act of giving brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that you have positively impacted someone’s day.

im viewing my recent wildcard participation (and gamification) as an early experiment. social and economic incentive structures involving crypto fascinate me and i spend a lot of time thinking abt this. ive tested many of the socialfi apps up to this point and for the most part have passed pretty quickly. wildcard hit different from the getgo for many reasons...ill share a few below.

built on farcaster

wildcard is an app built on farcaster, tapping into half a million existing users. this makes it fun because a lot of our friends are already there. even if those friends don't become users of the wildcard app right away, we still have the ability to engage with them both socially and economically in a permissionless manner. building on farcaster is a significant advantage, providing an opportunity to bootstrap network effects right from the start, making wildcard's economic incentives and social engagement more impactful on day 1.

tipping system and allowance

wildcard has native tipping system where users can reward others using $WILD. users start with a daily tipping allowance of 1500 $WILD, which can be increased to 2500 $WILD for holding at least 1 ticket in total or 2000 $WILD for holding at least 0.001 ticket. this tipping system not only rewards quality content but also encourages active participation and engagement within the community.

sharing in success

wildcard gives users the ability to share in the success of others by holding their tickets. this feature alone is a game-changer for how we engage with and support each other on social networks. by holding a wildcard user’s ticket, you become more than just a passive now have skin in the game and are aligned with their success.

every time a user receives tips in $WILD, 25% of those tips are distributed among their ticket holders. as their influence and attention grow, so does the value of holding their ticket. this alignment of incentives has the potential to drive positive community actions, with interests aligned both socially and economically.

fractional tickets

wildcard gives users the ability to buy fractional tickets...this means you don’t have to break the bank to get skin in the game with any user on the platform. it also allows for more diversified ticket portfolios...i currently hold over 30 users tickets and growing that number by the day.

future potential

we are only beginning to understand the alignments, actions, and user creativity that this type of skin in the game social economics will generate...barely scratching the surface. there are obviously a lot of variables to consider...but im convinced incentive models like this are the future of social.

"you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." -hilary ziglar


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