Crypto Exchanges & (de)centralization

Blockchains produce tokens, either by mining them or minting them. In order to get people to participate in the network, they need a solution to exchange tokens for money or other tokens: enter exchanges. There are two types: centralized exchanges (CEX)

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Proof of Stake

Consensus Algorithms Consensus algorithms are used by distributed systems to reach agreement. This class of algorithms has existed since computers moved from single mainframe architecture towards a network-based one. Historically, these algorithms were used in non-adversarial environments (bad nod

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Let's explore what a blockchain is in fewer than 420 words.

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Introducing web 3 in 420

👋 gm I am @nichochar, a software engineer who has recently started dabbling and building things in web3. As thrilling as it is, learning web3 can quickly get overwhelming. This is a whole new world full of technical and cultural jargon. There is a significant barrier to entry for crypto-curious a

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This blog summarizes web3 concepts in 420 words or less, for digestible learning.