#21 Parallel v Waterfall

Resource Distribution

This will become a much longer article when I have the time to put it together properly.

How To Distribute Your Resources:
Waterfall vs Parallel distribution
Training for The Guardian Academy.

You can wait until the article is done, which will be complete sometime between the next 3 and 45 days, or you can sacrifice eleven whole minutes to drastically increase the probability of getting the things that you want.


This methodology is from Certainty U. More tools can be found at certaintytools.com

Screenshots in the video are from the Certainty App.

The Guardian Academy Syllabus has the base knowledge to get caught up on the conceptual framework.

When I am in a video mood, most of my content will be created for Guardian Academy or Certainty Tools.

Watch the video above and think about it. Leave the loop open and sit with it. It might not be your style, and that's okay.