#24 The "Edge"

Are you scared of AI?

The AI mania has begun.

Chat GPT is spinning up business plans, writing copy, making websites, teaching code, and writing code.

And I think it's awesome.

Many are frightened that AI will learn how to do what they do faster, cheaper, and maybe even better. That may be true... if you're moderately good at just a few things, have a basic understanding of just a few things, or lack any details that create distinction.**
** I left this sentence the way it is for impact, but you do not lack details that create distinction. Everyone is distinct or unique in a way that is only true for themselves. It's not "lacking" it just hasn't been discovered or trusted.

The core principles that underpin all of my content, the CCA, Dan's book Rigging The Game, and the Guardian Academy are versions of:

Play Your Game

Know yourself, understand your own preferences, and lean into the things that make you unique. I think this is becoming increasingly important. AI can "funnel hack" faster than any of us, so the question becomes less about "who has the information" and more about "what unique distinction are YOU bringing to the table?"

This is called, in trading circles, "The Edge".

If everyone has access to the same data, at the same time, what unique or proprietary way of filtering or amalgamating the data is going to give you an advantage?

Given the speed at which AI can collect and verify data, it will undoubtedly drive down randomness (even if just a little), which means success, over time, will likely become less random and more closely reflect "the edge" that people bring to their endeavors.

Using Certainty U as an example, here are some ways we are leaning into our "edge" with consideration to some things that might be coming down the pipe. This is heavily influenced by my unique disposition and preferences, don't copy it blindly - that would be diametrically opposed to the message of this post.

The CCA is a live, virtual curriculum with in-person events, summits, and mastermind sessions. We will be starting CCA 5 the first week of May. It will likely be the last CCA cohort for a while, at least in this style/format and cost so that we can focus heavily on the CCA elite students (CCA graduates). We are of the belief that in-person connections and events with high-level thinkers and performers will become more highly sought after so our model will include testing and introducing more in-person experiences to deepen understanding and facilitate proximity.

So much of the CCA relies on the student/graduate truly understanding the things that make them unique and developing a strategy that leans into that uniqueness. As it becomes more important, we're going to focus on fast-tracking this understanding with more hands-on and interactive stuff.

We will likely use AI to generate art, automate some admin tasks, and whatever else we are already doing that it can improve and will be sharing that with our audience(s). But that is not the Certainty U advantage.

The CU advantage is that as randomness gets smoothed out by the speed and precision of AI, the "random" successes become less frequent, and an individual's "edge" stops getting lost in the noise (they stand out more). The CCA is a "discovery, sharpen and learn how to use your edge" program.

The Wolf Den, The Guardian Academy, and Gray Wolf Labs are also responding to the forthcoming AI wave, but in a very different way.


Because they are different entities with different collective dispositions and "edges". I'll try and break all that down in future posts, but the point is this:

Don't look at what one person or entity is doing and copy it. If that is your default operating mode, you should be afraid of AI. If you learn who you are, what makes you unique, and how to build something that leans into that distinction, you will be overjoyed at how emerging new tech can amplify what you bring to the table, not take away from it.

Sunday thoughts.
Hope they were at least thought-provoking.


Ps. You can read a little about CCA 5 here. Given the wealth of resources coming to the internet, it's possible that we move exclusively to in-person or virtual live for everything we do. Will see =)