#30 Time

In yesterday's "Force Multipliers," I touched on revisiting fundamentals being a greater use of time than pursuing something new.

This is a version of that.

This Instagram post is over 3 years old and tells a story starting over 13 years ago.

Ignore the photo, read the post.

Or just read it below:

About a decade ago someone I respected said to me: “Dude you’ll just forever have little boy chicken legs”

I just kinda smiled and shrugged.
It occurs to me now that back then, it probably seemed as if silence meant resigning completely. Or maybe defeat.

Lol. -

A few years after that someone I respected said: “I love ya, but you’ll never really make it as a business owner.
Lol -

A few years ago someone I respected said to me: “You’ll never make as money as I do bro”

I just kinda smiled and shrugged. -

Funny how has time has a way of ending all argument.

Never mistake lack of words for lack of action.

And never mistake an abundance of words for an abundance of action.

The ones that refuse to argue are often not giving up- on the contrary- they know that time will make a far stronger argument than words will. —
Pro tip:

People striving for validation right now are trying so hard for the short term win because they’re not so sure time will work out in their favor.
—— Still wanna prove your point or win your argument?

Let’s talk about it in a year.

Time does have a way of ending arguments.

But most people will try and win or end an argument with words and they will try and do it as fast as possible.


Because on some level they are worried that time and randomness are not on their side. They play a short game in which they hope to accumulate enough short-term, verbal wins to validate their own existence.

Keep time on your side, keep randomness on your side. Here are some ways to do that.

Of course, the snippet above was posted by me and my perspective has changed over the years - as has my time preference. Today, I would tell you to check back in 5, maybe 10 years.

If time passing will make a stronger argument than your words possibly could save the energy, and put towards the work.

If your words will make an argument than the passing of time...

...think about what that means.


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