#38 Non Negotiables

I'm gonna be honest...

I am making this post to link to from other stuff later on because it's an important topic - and one I need to revisit myself.

Generally, I do not send this type of post as an email. I just post them knowing that I will need to reference them often. But... perfect storm. And I think it's worth revisiting.

Below is an hour-long video from one of Joe Polish's Genius Network meetings. I embedded the whole thing, but what I really want you to watch is this 40-second clip from the video.

Here's the full replay

I say "perfect storm" because I just rewrote Bumpers and, after talking to Becky Robbins, Joe Polish, and Ben Hardy, added some bonuses to the Bumpers Accelerator that will make it easier to troubleshoot for yourself.

The Bumpers Accelerator Update on Non-Negotiables is below.

The full new bumpers accelerator can be found here. Pro tip: the link will bypass the opt-in but you have to watch three minutes of the video on that page before it lets you unlock the rest. This is to weed out the people that can't sit still for three minutes or more.

Have you thought about your non-negotiables?

Revisited and updated them?

The process is still the shortcut ;)


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