ATTN: The Great Migration

I just dropped a post called "The Burden Of Knowledge And Giant Blue Aliens" over on Substack. At the bottom, as a PS, It explains why it's on Substack instead of Paragraph:

PS. I just moved the newsletter to substack to allow for the option to do some of the things I have been thinking about doing. I am currently working on becoming a better communicator through the written word (see above). I love paragraph for web3 stuff, but substack gives me more options.

Just to be clear, Paragraph has been great and the potential is through the roof. We will still be using it for Web3 stuff in Web3 companies and I'll continue to use it to token gate things that require token gating.

My team and I spent months thinking through the options. The most important to answer is:

"What is the best experience for the people that we can help most?"

Right now the answer is not Paragraph. That's not a knock on them, as people get more comfortable with Web3 I believe many great creators will come to call Paragraph home.

[The New Stuff and Things Is Here]

If you subscribed via email, your subscription has already been moved over, so there is no extra action to take.

I will be moving the posts over one by one, looking for opportunities to improve each during the migration. To save your inbox, I will not send them as emails when they are posted. They will show up as posts and you can peruse them whenever or however you would like.



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