#0 Orientation


ATTN: Orientation and All Other Content Has Been Moved HERE

Welcome. I'm glad you're here and I hope you find tremendous value.

This is a living, breathing document. I'll do my best to update it for you when things change or new opportunities arise. You can bookmark it and check back whenever you are looking for something specific.

I don't have a posting schedule.

My Boys: Jasper and Tundra

Most of my stuff is free. Time is limited. I don't want to spend it dealing with automation, payment gateways, and selling stuff.

I've heard it a thousand times:

"You need to make no-brainer offers. It needs to be easy to find otherwise people get distracted and you lose them"

I get it.

I also don't want partners, clients, or readers that have no brains and are easily distracted. It's a personal preference.

To each their own.

If it's not worth taking the time to navigate, I don't deserve your attention. And that's okay.

My content will seem random. It's just a reflection of my life.

Life doesn't happen in a straight line.

Speaking of living my life, my process is as follows:

  1. Do stuff

  2. Learn stuff

  3. Share stuff

ATTN: Orientation and All Other Content Has Been Moved HERE

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