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Nounspace @Farhack 2024

gm frens! hope you're having the best day ever. today is the submission deadline, and we're so stoked to share what we've built so far. we're hoping to present this on stage today, but just in case we can't, we're putting it onchain for everyone forever. LFG!

First off.. wtf is Nounspace?
It's about 3 things: Themes, Fidgets, and Tabs. Themes: customize the look, feel, and sound of your space (aka profile) or homebase (profile that only the owner can see). Fidgets: embeddable widgets (aka react components) you can arrange on spaces. Tabs: multiply the power of Themes and Fidgets by adding additional tabs to spaces.
2nd, wtf is Nouns?
~35 days ago, Nounspace received a $100k grant from Nouns for a 3 month sprint
We’re 38% of the way through the sprint, and so excited to share what we've built so far with you all.
But first, let's start with the 5 goals we set for ourselves during Farcon
Goal #1 was to build 1 very powerful Fidget: Frames, to enable users to pin any Frame to their Space (aka profile) or Homebase (a Space that only the owner can see)
Goal #2 was to support at least 2 teams in building fidgets. Happy to say we crushed this goal! Shoutout to @brennen.eth for working on a fidget for Tavern and @cybercodetwins.eth for working on a Music fidget.
Goal #3 was to enable users to Add and Customize at least 3 fidgets on their Space or Homebase. We completed the ability to customize and arrange 3 fidgets: Feed, Frames, and Gallery, but we ran out of time before we could finish the ability for users to dynamically add fidgets. The fidgets in our demo have been hardcoded to show a POC. We plan to use OpenRank's Frame Suggestion API to enable users to search frames by name as well as see recommendations based on their social graph and onchain history.
Goal #4 was to have fun! we absolutely dominated this goal and managed to have so much fun both inside and out of the hackathon
and last but certainly not least, goal #5 was to get a pic with Varun 😊 no matter what happens today, we're going home winners

and now... the moment you've all been waiting for, the first ever demo of Nounspace πŸŽ‰

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We're building this because it needs to exist. We're grateful to have timing, resources, an amazing team, and the infinite power of Nouns on our side.
If we can get one message across today, it's this: Build fidgets, get rewarded. You can find everything you need to build fidgets here, and if you have any questions, we're standing by to help.
We already have a diverse set of over 20 incredible communities signed up to customize their space. Think of Fidgets that would be useful to some or all of these projects, and be among the first fidgets available when we open the floodgates to Nounspace OGs On June 2nd.
wtf are Nounspace OGs you ask? allow us to introduce: nOGs, your ticket to the onchain universe
11,111 unique OG NFTs that grant earliest access + free premium Nounspace access for life
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Check out this awesome launch video we made! nOGs were created over the past 6 days with support from Claude AI. Huge shoutout to Benjamin Latsko (@willywonka) for doodling 11 amazing and unique noggle frames.

Our hope is to launch the Nounspace OG NFTs on stage today at Farhack, open up early access registration, and ask everyone in the audience to like and recast the announcement. We're running into an error when uploading the metadata to Zora, but have reached out to their team for assistance and are hoping to get it sorted this morning.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to smell what we've been cooking at Nounspace. We couldn't be more excited to be building Nounspace for, with, and alongside y'all, and we're grateful to all the early pioneers joining us on this journey.

πŸ‘©β€πŸš€ To infinity, and beyond πŸš€

@willywonka (the other willywonka πŸ˜‚ aka Benjamin Latsko)

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