A Weapon Against Walled Gardens

The Walled Garden Problem

Picture this: you're scrolling through your favorite social media app, and it hits you - all your data, your memories, your connections, they're all trapped in this digital prison. These walled gardens have been viewing your data as their private property.

Moving data off these seems previously happened in two ways.

1) The system would graciously allow for a user to export their information. A user could then submit that data elsewhere and the final recipient would trust that nothing had been tampered with.

2) A data broker, like Plaid, could have an arrangement or backdoor to the system and pull your information and then send it to the intended recipient.

In both cases, a user is at the mercy of others and there are a lot of trust assumptions. Now there is a third way.

Opacity at the Ready

With ZKTLs, the possibilities are mind-blowing. Imagine importing your LinkedIn connections to another ecosystem where the business connections actually matter. Imagine a Glassdoor that contained only verified employment information but never learned of the user's real identity. It's not just potential applications that could exist, but also how platforms would reconsider the choices they make such as Reddit cutting off 3rd party developers.

But here's the kicker: zkTLS isn’t just about making your life easier. It’s about taking back control from the tech giants who have been hoarding your data like it's a precious commodity. By breaking down these walled gardens, we can create a digital landscape that's more open, more competitive, and more innovative than ever before.

Opacity is building tools for users and developers to build great experiences that solve key challenges such as boxed-in platforms, cold start network issues, fraud mitigation, and onboarding ease.

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