OnlyDust: Connecting Developers to Build the Future of StarkNet

A Hub & Nexus For Compensated Community Collaboration

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OnlyDust is a marketplace that allows developers to contribute to building the StarkNet ecosystem. It is a one-stop shop for developers to find projects to work on, connect with other developers, and get paid for their work.

OnlyDust is unique in a few ways. 

  1. It is focused on the StarkNet ecosystem, which is a rapidly growing Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. 

  2. OnlyDust offers a variety of ways for developers to get paid, including tokens, USDC, and a combination of both. 

  3. OnlyDust has a strong focus on community, with events and workshops designed to help developers learn and collaborate. They were finalists at the StarkNet hackathon, co-organized the inaugural StarkNet CC, and host a series of ‘Tech Talk’ sessions with ecosystem leaders.

OnlyDust is pioneering in that it is designed to bridge the gap between StarkNet and open-source projects. Recognizing the challenges StarkNet faced in attracting and incentivizing top-tier developers, OnlyDust emerged as a marketplace to connect project builders with developers. This platform not only facilitates collaboration but also ensures that developers are fairly compensated for their open-source contributions, a revolutionary shift from traditional open-source models.

Snapshot September 2023

As of September 2023, there are 68 live projects on OnlyDust spanning a wide range of categories, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and infrastructure. Many of these projects are focused on DeFi, which is one of the most popular use cases for StarkNet. Other common themes include NFTs, gaming, and infrastructure. This snapshot serves as a barometer of market momentum is and what the future might hold.

Statistical Highlights:

  • Languages: Rust (32 projects), Cairo (30 projects), TypeScript (20 projects) & JavaScript (19 projects) are the most commonly used languages. This suggests a strong inclination towards Rust for backend and system-level programming, while TypeScript is favored for frontend and web-based applications in the StarkNet ecosystem.

  • Contributors: The mean number of contributors across all projects is around 40. The project with the highest number of contributors is “Foundry” with 289 contributors, followed by “Reth” with 162 contributors. On the other end of the spectrum, several projects like “FHE Geolocalisation”, “FHE Healthcare”, and “PixeLAW” have just one contributor.

  • Repositories: Most projects have a single repository, but some, like DipDup and Morphine, have multiple repositories, indicating larger and more complex projects.

Dominant Programming Languages and Technologies:

  • Rust is a predominant language, appearing in a significant number of projects. Its efficiency and safety features make it a favorite for blockchain and smart contract development.

  • Cairo is another frequently mentioned language, underscoring its importance in the StarkNet ecosystem.

  • TypeScript and JavaScript are also commonly used, indicating a strong focus on web-based applications and interfaces.

Project Focus and Themes:

  • StarkNet Integration: A majority of projects are focused on building tools, libraries, and applications specifically for the StarkNet ecosystem.

  • Developer Tools: There’s a clear emphasis on creating tools to aid developers. Projects like Foundry, Nile-rs, and Hardhat-Plugin are geared towards simplifying Ethereum &StarkNet app development.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Projects such as Gard Finance & ZK-Swap highlight the growing trend of DeFi solutions being built on StarkNet.

  • Privacy and Security: Projects like FHE Geolocalisation and FHE Healthcare emphasize the importance of privacy, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare and geolocation.

  • Gaming and Interactivity: Projects like Tsubasa and Dojo indicate a rising trend in on-chain gaming and interactive platforms on StarkNet.

Organizational Backing:

  • Starkware and the StarkNet Foundation are recurrently mentioned as backers or associated entities, emphasizing their central role in the StarkNet ecosystem.

  • Paradigm and Zama also appear multiple times, showcasing their active involvement in multiple projects.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs):

  • Several projects operate under the DAO model, emphasizing the decentralized and community-driven nature of the StarkNet ecosystem.

Niche Innovations:

  • Projects like PixeLAW, which aims to create an autonomous world at the pixel layer, and Nicera Labs, which crafts interactive performances, highlight the diverse range of innovative applications being developed on StarkNet.

A Hub for Developers

OnlyDust is much more than just a marketplace; it’s a thriving hub where developers from around the world come together to work on open-source repositories. This collaborative environment allows developers to contribute to the StarkNet ecosystem, gain credibility in the community, and showcase their skills. By working on projects, developers can learn from peers, meet teams that are making waves in the blockchain world, and build a reputation for themselves in the industry.

How OnlyDust Operates

Contributor Dynamics emerge from developer interest in specific StarkNet projects or through educational platforms like Starklings. The platform offers a range of tasks for contributors, from bug fixes to core features. Successful contributors often find employment opportunities through the platform, underscoring its value in the ecosystem.

Onboarding Process begins when developers interested in StarkNet schedule calls with OnlyDust to determine the best learning path for them. Depending on their existing skill set, they might start with Starklings exercises or contribute to open-source projects using languages they’re familiar with, such as JavaScript, Python, or Rust.

Partnerships are cultivated on an ongoing basis. A strategic partnership with StarkWare has empowered OnlyDust to reward its developer community further. While the platform is keen on expanding to other ecosystems, it remains committed to fostering a strong, lasting relationship with StarkWare.

Platform Features include developer exploration of StarkNet, briq, and Astraly. They can filter opportunities based on various parameters like difficulty, technology, duration, and type. Additionally, grant programs ensure developers are rewarded for their contributions.

Learning Resources are leveraged widely from Henri’s Cairo tutorials to hackathons by Encode Club. The platform encourages diverse learning sources to cater to different learning styles and needs.

Education First is prioritized about StarkNet technologies. Through initiatives like the Starklings project, developers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to StarkNet projects.

Selection and Compensation is based on a rigorous selection process, considering factors like GitHub activity and Discord engagement. While compensation is competitive, the platform emphasizes community contribution over mercenary behavior. OnlyDust actively collaborates with projects to design fair compensation systems.

A Commitment to Excellence & to Starknet

What sets OnlyDust apart is its unwavering commitment to technical expertise on Starknet. With a deep-rooted passion for blockchain, the platform is dedicated to making valuable contributions that propel the community forward. 

Alternatives with wider scope include:

  • Gitcoin: the most popular decentralized development platform. It has a wide variety of projects listed, and it also offers a number of features that are not available on other platforms, such as bounties and grants. Gitcoin is not specific to StarkNet.

  • Bountysource: a popular decentralized development platform. It is similar to Gitcoin, but it focuses on bounties. This can be a great way to find small tasks to work on. It may not be as good for finding larger projects.

  • Devfolio: a platform for developers to showcase their work. It is not specific to StarkNet, but it can be a great way to find projects.

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