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Pentacle Tarot is now based

An Alchemically aligned collection of 2222 unique Pentacle Tarot Keys that unlock authentic, personalised daily Tarot readings.

The Pentacle Tarot is for based people to reflect on a card or question for the day, or ask for insight on a situation or relationship they wish to meditate on.

We built it to be fun and authentic to honour the tradition of the Tarot.

Minting a Pentacle Tarot Key for 0.022 base ETH grants the holder access to four tarot readings per day via our app, indefinitely.

Your Key won't expire and works out at 0.001833 per month if you use it for a year – and if you use it for 3 years the cost averages out at 0.00061 per month.


Select a spread, shuffle the deck, choose your cards with intention, contemplate and share.

Genesis Key holders will be given to access new spreads as we add them over time.

Your Keys hold the clues to our grand vision – and which the rarities won’t find. Here, a timeless algorithm is at work – the patterns of the planets and the wisdom of the mathematical natural world, to activate the age-old adage – know thyself.

Each Key contains Seven elements: Planet • Zodiac sign • Number • Element • Wisdom from The Emerald Tablet • Alchemical metallic pigment • Tarot, Planet or Element card.

As we continue to build out the experience you’ll see how these aspects interact together in both harmonious, and some in more challenging ways. The Keys will reveal these patterns – and in our next phase we are building out personal astrological correspondences.

Mint proceeds will be directed towards building more numerology, astrology and tarot tools to help people with day to day inner reflection – to better understand situations, relationships and ultimately themselves.

*Our tea lady is a student at The Faculty of Astrology in London, and has studied Tarot at the London College of Psychic Studies. Pent has trained in fine art and illustration at UAL and The Kings School of Traditional Art, and geometry at Sacred Art of Geometry Studios in Sussex.

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