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a hot minute, a decade+ ago

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What the what?

Paragraph (where I host this newsletter) shared a post at the beginning of this year that introed am integration with Highlight allowing creators use the no-code NFT platform to paste a collection URL directly into the Paragraph editor, letting readers collect it directly from the post.

I decided I wanted to put the integration to the test with audio. Being a voice actor, and more than capable of throwing down something new, I naturally decided to mint a song I wrote and recorded well over a decade ago.

Backstory time!

I fancied myself a singer/songwriter for a hot minute once upon a time. On a whim, I decided to buy an acoustic guitar and teach myself to play. The thing is, I can't music my way out of a wet paper bag, no talent, but I did try!

Me in that tiny apartment. No photoshop. My photography ability was far outpacing the musical.

Over about the span of a year, I managed to write and record around 30 songs in my tiny apartment in Osaka. I did have some decent lyrics along the way, but everything else was mediocre at best.

As it often does, life happened (mainly in the form of additional family members) and the guitar remained largely untouched, except for the rare old Marty McFly moment when I wanted to see if I could still play... at least in the limited capacity that I could before.

Big fan of the double tie

Why mint a song that is not very good?

You are just going to embarrass yourself, Allyn? That ship has already sailed, friend.

About a month ago I decided to sell that guitar. And then, about a week ago, I was feeling a little nostalgic looking at the empty space in my closet where the guitar used to live and decided to dig up some of the old tracks. And this is were the mint came in. Think of it like this:

1/2 timing + 1/2 laziness + 1/2 proof = don't worry about the math

I wanted to test the platform out, had the song fresh in my mind, didn't feel like recording something new at the time, and wanted to send out my short-lived music career with a proper memorial and proof of existence.

So, here we are. Consider this a first and a last.

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