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Addressable Space

SoP 2024 is starting to warm up

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 31, at 1800 UTC (10 AM US Pacific) we have a researcher salon by Chenoe Hart, on her research project, Addressable Space, a fascinating exploration of how digital addressing schemes have been transforming physical space since the 19th century. Forum discussion and livestream.

Two weeks ago, we had a talk by Venkatesh Rao, Formulating a Protocol Pill, with a retrospective on the learnings of Summer of Protocols 2023, and a look ahead to 2024. Forum discussion and recording.

We have a whole slate of interesting talks coming up. Check out the full upcoming schedule, with a stimulating mix of guest speakers and SoP researchers, here. We are also busy behind the scenes designing the 2024 summer program. Stay tuned for announcements about that, hopefully by late February.

The Reading of the Week (ROTW) for this week is on Y Combinator's Handshake Deal Protocol. Last week, we read Trent Van Epps' essay, Capital and Enclosure in Software Commons, comparing the Linux and Ethereum cases. Trent will be doing a town hall talk on this research on March 13. ROTW threads are curated discussions of a selected deeper read from outside the SoP program. Every week on Monday, one of the SoP crew kicks off the discussion by starting the thread. If you'd like to suggest a reading, do so in this ROTW suggestions thread on the forum.

Several of you have enquired about the print kits. After some production glitches, they are finally starting to ship this week, in batches. If you signed up, some of you should receive a first mailing in the next few weeks. We'll get caught up by the end of the month hopefully. If you'd like to get a kit, request one on the Protocol Kit page. Available while supplies last. And remember, all the research is also available online in PDF, ePub, and html form.

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