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Why Did the Chicken Follow Protocol?

Comedy formulae and program updates

TV comedy protocols

Tomorrow at 10:00 PST (13:00 EST), we have a stand out, stand-up guest at the SoP Salon. Steve Hely is a writer for Veep, the Office, American Dad! and 30 Rock. He will talk about the role of protocols in comedy today and if they have a place there in the future. There is often great truth in humor, so be sure to catch it live or join in on the forum discussion.

Kei Kreutler presented her research on memory last week. If you forgot to tune in, the recording is available here.

State of the Discourse

We’ve been working behind the scenes to get the forum battle-ready as warmer weather approaches. New categories have been established, including Blockchain and Protocol Watch (sorry, no lifeguards).

The forum will be a public operations center for the upcoming cohort. Anyone can poke their head in and check out this frontier emerge in real time. And speaking of the upcoming cohort...

Summer is coming

Next week, the call for applications will be coming out. The upcoming edition of Protocolized will release details, an application form, and more. The best way to get notified right when it goes live is by signing up for this newsletter.

Some fresh weekend reading is on its way. Module 2 of Protocol Kit will be live online by Saturday. This module includes:

  • Addressable Space by Chenoe Hart,

  • Artificial Memory and Orienting Infinity by Kei Kreutler,

  • Exit to Protocol by Shuya Gong,

  • Control and Consciousness of Time by Saffron Huang,

  • Weaving Memory by Spencer Chang,

  • Virtual Structures by Laura Sinisterra, and

  • Field-notes to Build New Worlds by Rithikha Rajamohan.

Other current events in the protocol matrix

The Blockchain category in the forum is full of fresh topics, such as Infrastructure calibration scale for blockchains and Trust Experience (TX), Hardness, and Design Thunking. And the news is full of protocols, ranging from smart homes, tipping, exercises for desk workers, and snow removal. Check out Protocol Watch for those. A first draft of Twelve Rules for Protocol Systems was posted on the forum as well.

See you tomorrow for the Town Hall!

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