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Kickoff Week

SoP24 is officially underway! On Wednesday, grantees will meet online for a kickoff. The goal is to get everyone up to speed, connect, and take an early stab at spotting interfaces between projects.

This cohort's balanced composition touches on several key themes in the today's problem landscape. Digital worlds, governance, privacy, climate, environmental stewardship, organizational resilience. Everyone can look forward to seeing protocol improvements in these areas.

And the PILL track is the program's inception arm – we're confident that these grantees will produce some sticky protocol memes.

As SoP24 progresses, there will be continual updates about the projects. The PIG and POG teams will be keeping logs about their work. Many of those logs will be public forum posts and serve as an invitation to share insights.

You can also stay apprised via a weekly issue of Protocolized.

Forum Highlights

Several interesting links popped up in the Protocol Watch and General categories on the forum this past week:

And if you missed Chris Dixon's town hall from last week, you can get caught up here. He shared his thoughts about internet ownership, the similarities between protocols and cities, and answered a bunch of good questions.

Module 2 Mailers

Physical copies of the second module are arriving daily. The production tempo has picked up significantly. Most of M3 is already available online and expected to ship soon!

Recipients have been sharing images of their loot on a dedicated forum thread:

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