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Protocols of Transition

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Issue 15

This week, we wrap up the Incubation phase of the Summer of Protocols. The initial drafts from each of the core researchers is being finished in order to present to the affiliate researchers at our Affiliate onboarding kick-off next week.

Last week, we hosted two of our final incubation guests talks. Evan Miyazono gave a talk (linked below) on protocol and mechanism design and putting protocols into practice. Janine Leger introduced Zuzalu, an IRL pop up community, and gave researcher some insight on how to create novel group interaction.

We are very excited to move into the next phase of the program and we expect some great things coming from our researchers in the next couple of months.

Meet a Researcher - Angela Walsh

Hi, I'm Angela Walch from San Antonio, Texas. I've been a crypto researcher & law prof for the last decade, & now am ready to explore my interests more broadly & creatively - w/o disciplinary boundaries or academic constraints. SOP seems like a great way to start! This summer I want to explore how we unconsciously participate in & pass along protocols -- even protocols that are arguably 'bad.' How do we escape bad protocols when we can't even see them? What can we do to make them visible?

Meet a Researcher - Toby Shorin

Toby Shorin is a writer and technologist based in New York and the cofounder of Other Internet Research Institute. His research examines the moral genealogy of technological and cultural evolution.

Guest Talk with Evan Miyazono

From our Discord

"When I was at GitHub we did some research on demographics of open source contributors. One thing we found was that the women we surveyed were more uncomfortable asking for help (code reviews, etc), which IMO is a big reason why they're heavily underrepresented in open source (and feels like an actionable intervention!). But not discussed enough, vs. e.g. overt sexism"
- Nadia

Link to Discord Thread

Three Links

Compilation of Zuzalu Articles - List of links to articles and posts about Zuzalu (🎩: Daehyun Paik)
Epistemological Pluralism - An exploration on the importance of embracing diverse ways of thinking in science and computing (🎩: Chenoe)
The River Twice - A look at the cycle of pollution and restoration in urban rivers

Upcoming Events

June 30 - Guest Talk with Mike Masnick
Mike will be talking about how to think about protocols, what they should include, and what should be built on top of protocols. The presentation will be discuss where his current thinking is about how understanding protocols and where they fit can help build better societies, better economies, and better technologies.
Pre-Talk Reading Material
July 5 - Affiliate Researcher Kick-Off
We are excited to welcome the affiliate researchers into the fold of the Summer of Protocols program. The kick-off will be meant to introduce the affiliates to the current state of the program and get to know the core researchers and their respective projects.

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