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2026: Farcaster at the epicenter of political turmoil

Two articles from 2026.

Washington, D.C. — June 23, 2026

In a dramatic turn of events, the White House is facing a wave of political turmoil following the resurfacing of controversial casts from one of President Taylor's closest advisors, David Sullivan. The casts, dating back to 2024, were not previously accessible but have recently been brought back to light by an anonymous online user. The content of one specific cast has sparked outrage across the political spectrum, putting the administration on the defensive.

David Sullivan, a seasoned political strategist and long-time confidant of President Taylor, has played a crucial role in shaping the administration's policies and public messaging. His influence extends deep within the corridors of power, making the revelations even more shocking to both the public and political insiders.

The cast in question, dating back to September 2024, indicates that Sullivan had talks with Russian officials during President Taylor’s campaign.

spoke with Russian officials, especially during the campaign. Don’t be stupid. #diplomacy

This revelation is particularly jarring given President Taylor's publicly strong stance against Russia. Throughout his administration, Taylor has consistently condemned Russian interference in global affairs and has imposed several rounds of sanctions on the Russian government.

Farcaster will purge old casts after a year if the user does not pay for storage, and all Sullivan’s casts were purged in November 2024. However, last week an anonymous user paid for Sullivan’s Farcaster account, and immediately after it, Sullivan’s old casts appeared again.

Dan Romero, co-founder of Farcaster, explained that “each cast is a signed message sent to the protocol. Hubs may prune these messages for various reasons, but if you have a copy of the original message, you can re-post it.

The White House has been slow to respond. In a statement released yesterday, Press Secretary Lisa Graham addressed the controversy, stating that "Sullivan's casts were doctored and do not represent reality.” She added that Sullivan has the full support of the President and that the FBI is conducting a thorough investigation of the situation.

Sullivan himself took the battle back to social media. “I could never have written something like this, because it is not the truth. This is an attack on the President, not me.“ he casted. “I will not delete the cast in question until the FBI has concluded the investigation.”

The resurfaced cast has sparked fierce criticism from across the political spectrum. Senator Maria Gonzalez (D-CA) accused the President of hypocrisy, stating, "President Taylor's strong public stance against Russia is completely undermined by these revelations. This casts serious doubt on his integrity and the credibility of his administration."

Representative John Mitchell (R-TX) went even further, suggesting treasonous behavior. "If these allegations are true, it means the President and his closest advisors have been deceiving the American public while engaging in back-channel talks with a hostile nation. This is not just hypocrisy; it's a betrayal of our country."

Political analysts are closely monitoring how President Taylor manages the situation. The controversy arises at a crucial moment, with negotiations with China at their peak. Some insiders also believe that Taylor's handling of this scandal could significantly affect his political capital and the public's trust in his leadership.

"The President is in a precarious position," said Dr. Elaine Matthews, a political science professor at Georgetown University. "On one hand, he needs to maintain the support of his key advisors. On the other, he must address the valid concerns of the public and his political base. How he navigates this will be telling of his administration's values and resilience."

As the story continues to unfold, it is clear that the resurfaced casts have struck a nerve in the nation's capital. The coming days will likely see further developments as the White House grapples with the fallout and the public awaits President Taylor's next move.

By: Jonathan Harper, Washington Post

Washington, D.C. — June 24, 2026

In a stunning development, new evidence has emerged that could significantly alter the narrative surrounding the controversial cast from David Sullivan, a close advisor to President Taylor. Independent researchers have retrieved additional casts indicating that the original message, which suggested talks with Russian officials during President Taylor's campaign, was quickly deleted and replaced with a contradictory statement.

The new casts, uncovered by digital forensics experts from the non-profit organization Digital Integrity Watch, show that Sullivan initially posted:

"spoke with Russian officials, especially during the campaign. Don’t be stupid. #diplomacy"

However, within seconds, Sullivan deleted this cast and replaced it with:

"Never spoke with Russian officials, especially during the campaign. Don’t be stupid. #diplomacy"

Dr. Molina Green, a lead researcher at Digital Integrity Watch, explained the significance of the findings. "Our analysis shows that the initial cast was deleted almost immediately, indicating an attempt to correct a genuine mistake—a common occurrence among Farcaster users. The troubling aspect is that the person who reactivated Sullivan's account selectively restored messages, seemingly to misrepresent what Sullivan actually posted."

The White House has yet to respond to this latest development. However, Press Secretary Lisa Graham reiterated in a brief statement that "the administration stands by its previous assertion that the initial cast was doctored and does not reflect reality." She also noted that the FBI's investigation into the matter is nearing completion.

The new evidence has sparked renewed debate among political figures and analysts. "This entire incident reeks of a coordinated effort by our adversaries to undermine the President at a critical juncture in our negotiations with China," said Senator Thomas Blake (D-CA). "We must remain vigilant against attempts to weaken our leadership and national unity."

Representative John Mitchell (R-TX) echoed these sentiments, calling for immediate congressional hearings. "This latest twist in the story only underscores the need for a thorough and public investigation. The stakes are too high to ignore."

Political analysts are closely monitoring the situation, noting that the administration's handling of the scandal could have far-reaching implications. "The President needs to address these new developments head-on," said Dr. Elaine Matthews, a political science professor at Georgetown University. "How he navigates this will be critical in maintaining the public's trust and his political standing."

As the FBI continues its investigation and the White House prepares for potential congressional scrutiny, the nation watches with bated breath. The coming days are expected to bring further revelations as the full story behind the controversial casts continues to unfold.

By: Jonathan Harper, Washington Post

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