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Farcaster apps and links #1

Farcaster is a truly open platform. It's hard to understand how open, without going into a long technical (and in some ways philosophical) discussion. But a good way to get a feeling about this openness is taking a look at what's been built on it and how it's used.

So here are some of my favorite Farcaster-related links. a nice little tool that shows every new cast in real time.

Fresh blood: a sub-page of marble, showing new user signups. (marble allows users to do a "cast-storm") Gives you an x-ray view of any cast (the "source" of the cast). Just replace the part of a cast on warpcast with (I also created a bookmarklet which does this automatically and I use quite often. Enter a farcaster username and get a list (of a merkle tree) of the addresses of its followers. Ideal if you want to airdrop or create an allow list using the Farcaster social graph. Stats for any user. Here is my page. Schedule a cast to be posted in the future. A search engine for Farcaster.

Farcaster dune dashboards by @pixelhack and @gabrielayuso.eth A web annotation tool that enables users to collaboratively annotate and discuss any webpage. One of the most exciting features of Farcaster. A Discord-like interface for Farcaster. lets you give the gift of Farcaster to a friend (you can pay for their signup).

If you are worried about your available Farcaster storage, cast @fc1 storage and a bot will respond with your storage usage and limits. Of visit to check and buy additional storage if needed.

Also, make sure you subscribe to, a (beautiful!) weekly curation of what happens on Farcaster.

Of course you can always take a look at that lists a growing number of apps built on Farcaster.

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