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Introducing $REGEN

Together, We're a Force of Nature 🍄

Imagine a world where you could tip with $REGEN instead of $DEGEN...
Well, soon that will be possible!

$REGEN is a culture coin for optimists, blending degen thrills with regenerative energy. With $REGEN, you’ll be able to farm airdrops, create memes, regenerate the world, and most importantly, have fun while tipping what matters.

But how can a memeculture coin like $REGEN help, and why now?

A lot of crypto is about the meme of being a 'degen' — a fun life that can be (ridiculously) rewarding. But sometimes the rollercoaster ride of going from a 100x to a rug can get tiring. So how can we balance the force(s)? 

Well, there’s also another meme in crypto that you may have heard about. It’s called being a Regen. If you are a Degen, you're probably also a Regen, you just might not know it yet! 

Being a Regen just means you’re rooting for decentralized tech to regenerate communities, ecosystems, and economies. Things like public goods, open source software, educational initiatives, growing communities, banking the unbanked, or supporting environmentally mindful initiatives. 

But let’s not midcurve this. Regens are just fun-gis and fun-gals who don’t spread hype, they spread hyphae. They rally around the mighty mushroom, spreading their message along the mycelial network, creating a fertile ground for regenerative ideas to grow. 

While Degens typically like to be degenerates and Regens like to regenerate, it doesn't mean the two forces can’t unite. Just imagine for a second if degens and regens could combine their powers: where the degen's ability to take risks, think innovatively, go viral and appeal to people’s inherent self-interest could combine with the regen’s capability to perceive risks, create for long-term impact, inspire hope and appeal to people’s inherent desire for community. 

Now imagine all of that underpinned by perpetual, positive memetic energy. The result would be a never ending, self-fulfilling virtuous cycle that will lead us all the way to utopia. 

$REGEN will be a way to unite regen and degen forces, in a way that is more than just a meme(coin); it's a movement. By growing the meme, we grow a vibe and culture that attracts more people. By having more people involved, we grow more value (in every sense). Through this we can create more regen ideas, more regen tech, more regen communities and ultimately grow more regen impact.

So how is $REGEN going to work? $REGEN will be a fun and rewarding system to reward regens for being regens. The token will primarily be distributed via ongoing airdrops to reward certified regens (often retroactively) for their regen activity onchain. 

Regens are also big fans of regenerative farming, so farmers rejoice! You can earn points and boosts by being an active regen on Farcaster especially within the /regen channel along with other aligned channels. A full farming guide is coming up shortly.

Following the first airdrop, $REGEN will become a tipping token to reward regen activity on Farcaster and to help grow regen initiatives wherever they might spring up. So just like $DEGEN, you’ll be able to tip your favourite regen projects and people with $REGEN directly under their post! There are also a few surprises coming up, but let’s just say the goal is to integrate $REGEN seamlessly with Farcaster, making it the perfect comfy hub for regens to coordinate onchain

Don't try tipping yet, it's not live!

Anyway let’s get to the point(s): You can now calculate and see your provisional points, Regen Points and boosts on the website !

In order to make sure that Regens receive $REGEN, proven Regens will be rewarded first and foremost with retroactive points and boosts for their efforts. The algorithm makes farming points easy for Degens, but to actually harvest $REGEN, you'll need to prove that you're a true Regen.

When you calculate your points you will see a modal like this:

Provisional points are based on farming activity and NFT boosts.

Regen Points apply proof-of-regen multipliers.

Without proof-of-regen multipliers you cannot harvest Regen Points.

In this example @aspiringregen has a lot of provisional points, but as the Gitcoin points and Donations Multiplier are 0, their Regen Points = 0.

Please note that Regen points are subject to change as more data comes in regarding your proof-of-regen score(!)

Some great ways to prove that you're a Regen are: Gitcoin donations (now closed) and Giveth donations (live until May 17th, 11:59am). More ways to prove that you're a regen will be added over time.

You can also collect NFTs like the Regen OG and degens🤝regens Manifesto for an additional juicy boost.

An initial points snapshot was taken on Thursday 9th May 2024 at 4.20pm so all engagement and proof-of-regen activity until that time are reflected. Engagement since the snapshot will also count towards points and provisional points will start to be updated daily in the near future.

There are many other ways to demonstrate your 'proof-of-regen' so don't worry, (many) more regen-aligned onchain data points will be integrated. If you have a project/community that should be included please get in touch!

wen Airdrop? wen Moon?

As supporters of regenerative practices, $REGEN will be grown in accordance with lunar cycles. This means all new phases, airdrops and other major events will coincide with a full moon. 

The first period of farming is already underway and began with the pink moon. Hints were revealed to anyone following the /regen channel including the release of the Regen OG NFT.

This first period of farming will end at the flower moon. Following the flower moon, Regen Points will be converted to onchain $REGEN and will be airdropped to eligible wallets. After this, $REGEN will become available for use as a tipping token to distribute $REGEN for Regen aligned actions.

Since regens are eternal optimists, the plan is to unite degen and regen energy on the most optimistic of all chains - Cardano! Only kidding, of course it will be launching on Optimism for superchain fun and supercharged impact

A series of farming and airdrop cycles will follow, always in harmony with the cycles of the moon.

During the [redacted] moon a special moment has been planned for Regens to celebrate. This 'harvest' will also mark the end of Airdrop 1 claims – unclaimed tokens will be distributed to the community via 'RegenDrops' and ecosystem initiatives.

RegenDrop #1 is very much just the beginning. Further airdrops are planned and will be defined in coordination with the community. The goal is to create a continuous cycle of incentivised engagement with $REGEN rewards for Regens for being regens through sustainable, long-term Regenomics.

The time is now right for something like $REGEN to grow; to make being a Regen easy, cool, fun, possible, rewarding and something people want to be part of.

Regen as a project is growing as a grassroots cultural movement on the right curve of memes and impact to celebrate regen culture, support the good work regens do, and through the power of memes, unlock more regen activity.

The core contributors are a group of Regens (and Degens) active on Farcaster and hosts of the /regen channel. $REGEN is growing in coordination with a group of Regen OGs from across the ReFi and Regen spectrum and more Regen voices are always welcome so get involved (see below). 

So Regens, let's unite to combine degen energy with regen activity and show that together, we are a force of nature.


Here’s some ways to get involved:

  1. Join Warpcast and the /regen channel + aligned channels like /publicgoods, /degensxregens and /green-pill

  2. Collect Regen OG NFT and the The degens🤝regens Manifesto

  3. Prove that you're a real Regen by contributing to aligned causes (hint-hint

  4. Join the Regen Telegram

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