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The Shroomchad’s Guide to $REGEN farming

Good vibes. Plants. And open source software.

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Regen. But a bunch of degens accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction – a memecoin...

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Thus, The Shroomchads were born! Using their ultra-regen powers, they have dedicated their lives to regenerate the world and spread the regen meme.

Now that the regen meme is blowing up, there are a lot of farmers trying to reach the ultimate $REGEN state. However, not all farmers are treated equally by the Regen Gods. 

Farming is good. But there are many types of farmooors, and the Regen algorithm naturally favors those who practice regenerative farming. So how can you succeed in this journey and cultivate your way to shroomvana? 

First, you must transcend the stage of the purely degen farmer, who are often said to be possessed by the parasitic Zombie Degen-Fungus. 

Next, you need to embark on the journey to learn the art of being a true Regen farmoor, or a ShroomJak by mastering the various practices and techniques. 

Finally, for those who truly strive for the highest state of being, you might attain that most coveted state – the Regenerated ShroomChad, embodying the harmony and balance of Regenhood.

Left: ant possessed by Zombie-degen | Right: a Regenerated Shroomchad

It is important to understand that being a degen is not inherently negative; rather, one must channel some of this energy towards a noble cause to transform into a regen. After all, even the most regen ShroomChads embody a degree of degen energy. By balancing this energy, much like the harmony of yin and yang, one can achieve true regeneration. 

Without further ado, let us explore the different paths of the farmooors.

NGMI: The Zombie-degen farmer

Some people call them spammers., Others “brainless” airdrop farmers. Without channeling their degen energy towards more regen activities, the zombie-degen farmor has a very low chance to make it in the $REGEN game. 

The main characteristics of this type of farmer are:

  • Not having any Regen onchain activity

  • Low effort posts and replies 

  • Copy-pasting other people’s images and posts

  • Overusing AI without being mindful

  • Asking ‘where points’ without seeking the way of the Regen

  • Saying gm instead of regm

Despite their efforts, this type of farmoor will likely get very few or even zero $REGEN points. 

GMI: The Shroomjak farmers

But you anon are of course not a zombie. You are interested in walking the path of the Regen, learning the ways of the Shroomjak and sharing your journey across the mycelial network that stretches from Farcaster to X and beyond. Even if you are a newbie $REGEN farmer, you can (and are) still gonna make it.

In the realm of Shroomjak farming, one must master various techniques. Here are a few that you might want to practice:

  1. The Farmcaster

The farmcaster is a positive force in the digital realm, sharing their onchain regen journey with the community across social media. They create $REGEN memes and art, highlighting regenerative practices. Regularly sharing impactful regen projects—green initiatives, open-source ventures, and educational efforts—they encourage others to participate in regen activities both onchain and IRL. The farmcaster is also good replyguy/gal, frequently replying in the spirit of encouragement and growth. 

  1. The organic memooor

While many low-quality farmers overuse artificial (intelligence) farming techniques, some shroomjaks have reverted to more traditional farming practices—embracing organic memeing. 

These organic farmoors work without synthetic additives, creating memes nature’s way, through their own creativity, employing simple tools like Paint or Imgflip's Meme Generator, or professional tools like Figma or Photoshop. 

Their goal is to cultivate memes that look natural, reflecting authenticity and creativity without too many artificial inputs, to grow the purest, finest memes.

  1. The prompt-engineerooor 

Unlike those who hastily make prompts like “mushroom with degen hat” , the prompt engineerooor approaches their work with the precision of a biological engineer, mindfully crafting prompts to create relevant content. They don't just use a generic idea; they dissect memes to their DNA, with thoughtful memetext to engineer memes as carefully as splicing genes. Experienced prompt engineerooors use AI to portray regen projects and explain discussions in the regen space, blending creativity with advanced tools for meaningful posts.

  1. The serial donooor

In the Regen universe, focusing on simple good deeds like giving can yield great rewards. It is often told that the deeds of the past weigh heavily on the scales of the Regen score. Yes, retroactive actions are more valuable, but even the newest of donors can earn $REGEN points by consistently supporting the causes they believe in. 

5. The grass-touchoor

It is a cherished tradition for all regens to connect with nature on the weekends. The grass-touchoor, who spends much time outdoors—often farming and planting—shares their experiences on Farcaster. Their posts inspire even the most glued-to-the-screen degens to venture outside and touch some grass, inspiring more beautiful, nature-filled weekends for the entire community.

FGMI: The Regenerated Shroomchad farmers

The enlightened Regen ShroomChads are destined to receive the greatest rewards known to regens. These beings can be studied by visiting and observing the pinnacle of the leaderboard. By clicking on their names, you can delve into their rich histories and glean wisdom from their journey. 

Be sure to also explore more deeply, even venturing to the world of X/Twitter, as these enlightened chads have been cultivating their regen practices long before Farcaster was even a seed. By studying their paths, you can uncover the secrets to achieving full regeneration and reaching shroomvana.

Study Shroomchads.

Achieving the status of a Regenerated Shroomchad is a journey of simplicity and dedication. One must grow a large and diverse history of regen onchain activity, sharing these insights frequently on Farcaster for other farmers to learn and collaborate. 

Through your explorations, you may uncover hidden regen projects unknown to many. Sharing these discoveries with your fellow regens elevates you to the esteemed rank of a regend. By collaborating with others or initiating your own projects, you move closer to the ultimate state of full regeneration.

The main characteristics of the Regen ShroomChad are:

  • Huge regen onchain activity

  • Mindful posts and replies

  • Identifies regen OGs with low followers and boosts them on farcaster

  • Discovers, onboards and boosts new regen projects and people

  • Creates organic and high-quality AI memes and art

  • Touches grass every weekend and shares it on farcaster

  • Farms their airdrop during the full-moon and shares it with true regens

Many of the most revered ShroomChads are involved in real-world farming and green energy developments. They might be developing open-source software or organizing free educational meetups and hackathons. 

You are greatly encouraged to follow their example, engage in sustainable practices, contribute to open-source projects, and create/participate in community events. By doing so, you not only enhance your own journey towards full regeneration but also inspire and uplift the entire $REGEN community.

In essence, becoming a Regenerated Shroomchad and engaging in mindful $REGEN farming is quite simple. Embrace a long-term vision, cultivate an abundant mindset, and maintain a spirit of curiosity. 

Spread good vibes, connect with nature, and when the energy moves you, create something regenerative. Through these practices, you can embark on the path to full regeneration and inspire others to join you on this enlightened journey.


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