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Introducing Roam

The Social Onchain Browser

Every mobile phone comes with an everything app – the browser. And today’s top browsers are busy adding features to better automate and organize today’s internet.

But tomorrow’s internet doesn’t look very much like today’s. The foundation of the internet itself is evolving. It’s becoming more open, verifiable, and permissionless. The energy is shifting from platforms to people. Each one of us is becoming more powerful. It’s all happening just in time.

With this change, new types of applications are becoming possible. Applications where you’ll have unimpeded freedom to participate, coordinate and transact.

Today’s browsers are simply not built for this onchain future. But Roam is. We’re giving the mobile browser a much needed upgrade, which you can use to connect to this wider web.

So what can you use Roam for today? Firstly, Roam makes it easy to use onchain websites on mobile. No more cumbersome switching between browser and wallet, or battling the limited UX of in-wallet browsers. Just fast and smooth transacting on-the-go.

But how do you know what’s worth doing? Well, it helps to know what’s happening onchain. That’s why Roam is also a social browser that shows you what people you know are doing, in real time. If your friends on Farcaster are buying memes or minting collectables, you'll know about it. And you can immediately transact yourself. No more fomo.

Finally, crypto is financial, but it’s also fun, social and can feel like a game! So we built Roam with that in mind. With Roam, you can filter through a feed of onchain activity to see what’s new and explore people’s collections to uncover hidden gems. There’s also a simple full-screen mode that makes it easy to interact with mobile sites. You can connect different wallets to different tabs and switch between them. And this is just the start.

Roam is coming to the App Store soon. In the meantime you can:

  1. Download the Beta App at (spots are limited)

  2. Join the Roam channel on Farcaster to stay up to date

  3. Mint the Roam Manifesto Video (below)

Early adopters will receive limited edition mints.

Welcome to Roam!

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