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We always tell founders in our world that if you build something people truly want to be a part of, you'll be shocked at the lengths they will go to join you. We're honored and grateful that Seed Club has become something people want to be a part of, and the sheer volume of applications for this cohort is only a further testament to that. Thank you so much to everyone who applied to SC07 and reached out to us. We have a bunch of apps left to review but we can't wait to get into interviews with the people behind these projects. Expect to hear from us by the end of the week. In the meantime, lock in and enjoy the updates below.

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Bright Moments Paris

Bright Moments has designed some of the most magnificent IRL experiences that incorporate onchain experimentation: from a brutalist German power plant to a posh Mayfair boutique, from a white wall SoHo gallery to a festive Mexican courtyard, from a cyberpunk Shibuya skyscraper to a run down Argentinian theater. Their Paris experience is set to unfold in the Marais starting today!!

Uniswap is launching on Zora Network. This means 1) swapping for stablecoins & tokens, 2) swapping infra for devs, and 3) a new world of ERC20 minting use cases. Enjoy.

Uni Zorb

Blackbird is trojan horsing consumer crypto across the NYC restaurant scene and documenting it as they go.

Blackbird - The Supersonic

Love on Leverage, a dating show where the audience controls the length of the date by trading $VIBES, has averaged ~$100k in tx volume from viewers speculating & trying to alter outcomes. Great example of directly serving emerging crypto culture and throwing in memecoin mechanics. Crypto's killer use case is social, not financial.

Drip Haus is running Sponsored Collectible campaign. The results are chic.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles --> Brains, Chains, and Vibemobiles. AI + crypto + online communities form the backbone of future civilization.

Music belongs to you, not platforms. Join Oscillator by signing the manifesto.

Some further enlightenment ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

Frames turn casts into interactive apps. They can support anything from polls to instant checkout to block explorers to mints to mini games to prediction markets. Dive into some recent examples of successful Frames with some practical guides to get started shipping your own.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Boost: Incentives onchain

Boost, evolved from RabbitHole, is spearheading the development of an incentivization layer for the emerging onchain media distribution ecosystem. Users can use Boost to specify onchain actions, offer token rewards, and encourage participation in various activities such as trying out products or bridging to L2 networks. Brian came on Internet Explorers last week to share more about his multi-year building journey, how to run successful incentivized transaction campaigns, why they’re launching an L2, and more.

Main Characters

A recent experiment called Maincharacters introduces memecoins for prominent crypto figures such as $GENSLER and $ELON. Unique features include the use of 1155 tokens, offering generative images of varying rarities, and providing a cohesive end-to-end memecoin experience with features like buying/selling, charts, chat, transaction feed, and profit/loss tracking integrated into a single interface. Despite initial challenges like sniper issues and high fees, efforts are underway to address these issues. Worth exploring imo.

Starknet airdrop (the community has some notes)

Starknet, a zk-powered Ethereum L2, revealed their airdrop last week and it was a wee bit of a disaster. They faced criticism for heavily favoring developers over liquidity providers and traders. The controversy, coupled with the token's history and impending supply unlocks for the team and early investors, has created a major riff within the communty. This not only squanders a crucial marketing opportunity and chance to attract users, but it also reveals a profound misunderstanding of the priorities at hand. The L2 wars are mostly a branding battle, not a technical battle, and acting like this is a great way to detriment your brand.

In a world of infinite content...

OpenAI's unveiling of Sora, their new text-to-video model sparked a frenzy on Twitter, with its remarkable output quality and rapid advancements garnering attention. While currently limited to 60s vids, the potential for creating feature-length films with a single prompt within a year underscores the accelerating pace of innovation. Looking ahead in a landscape of infinite content and software, more and more value will flow to brands and communities and they’ll be empowered (leveraging AI and crypto protocols) to start serving consumers in more expansive ways.

Finding love onchain (???)

Whether you like it or not, people download apps for 3 core reasons; making money, entertainment, or finding love. Crypto clearly has proven potential for powering products that make people money and provide entertainment, but we still haven’t proven that it can also be a powerful tool to build the softer social experiences. To truly harness the power of onchain media, we need platforms that imbue our collections with social significance, fostering organic attention and exploration, akin to how Instagram transformed photos into tools for identity expression and social interaction. We need to want to follow and slide into the DMs of people based on their collecting taste. What will be the product that sends onchain media down the same path?

  • We're hosting FarCon’s Welcome Party on a rooftop in Venice Beach on May 1st!!! A curated, multi-day experience, FarCon is designed to convene, connect, and celebrate the driving forces behind Farcaster's ecosystem. Get your pass.

    Boys Club is getting ready for /brandnew, a summit on consumer crypto and digital culture. They’re gathering the brightest tech optimists to cast a vision of what’s possible for the new internet. We’ll be partnering with the boys for the event -- Join us on March 12!

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