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Not now kitten mommy's fumbling her airdrop eligibility again

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The markets are roaring back, my relatives are asking me what coins to buy, ethdenver is popping off, sc07 apps are wildly impressive, i'm getting added to more telegram chats than should be legal. we are so back.

lots of updates from consumer crypto land below

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Metalabel allows collections of individuals to share funding, support, and co-release and co-legitimize creative work together. And they just released a new model for creative work. The first release is a new book called The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet (DFC 001).

Uniswap unveiled uni.eth subdomains for users of its mobile app.

Optimism airdropped $40M To Artists and Creators. The fourth airdrop from the second-largest L2 distributed 10M OP tokens to 22,998 addresses. The distribution targeted constructive participation, and tokens empower contributors. Eligible users had actively engaged with platforms such as Zora, Base, Eth mainnet, and Optimism mainnet.

Shl0ms created a hoax email that ignited worldwide panic about Gmail shutting down, which led to numerous articles, Elon considering launching a Gmail competitor, and a reassuring tweet from the official Gmail X account. Shl0ms proceeded to mint a free commemorative OE of the tweet which was minted 3,596 times, and a 1/1 of the original fake email image stored semipermanently on Google servers which sold for 9.6 ETH. We love the chaos.

In the world of Farcaster.... Farcaster added support for Solana addresses. Cross-chain identity mapping along with a permissionless social graph in a single API call! Bello added support for Farcaster analytics. Botto launched the Botto Frame, which lets you vote on art right in feed and help decide what's minted. Now, you can also make images in Frames dynamic and mint with Manifold on Warpcast with Warps.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Consumer Infra Wars

The consumer infrastructure wars are intensifying around key points of leverage like the social graph, wealth aggregation via wallets, and the port of entry into crypto. Farcaster is emerging as a dominant force in social graph integration, while wallet market remains fragmented with no strong network effects. Privy leads in providing crypto-native authentication and embedded wallets, posing a significant challenge to established players like Coinbase, whose dominance in crypto onboarding is being challenged by direct app entry.

AI x Crypto continues to heat up

AI x Crypto has become the hottest narrative as of late. WorldCoin and Render have surged in response to news surrounding OpenAI's Sora and Nvidia's earnings beat, with narratives driving their value. World App, the first wallet built for the Worldcoin project, passed 1M daily users. Funds like Galaxy Digital and VanEck are publishing reports on why this intersection stands to be so important. We continue to see a bunch of AI-related deals coming through Seed Club Ventures, and a bunch of cool emerging consumer AI applications are coming through our accelerator. Wild times.

SC07 Submissions In Review + Some Tips

Applications for SC07, our 7th consumer crypto accelerator cohort, closed last week, and we've been immersed in reviewing and interviewing teams this week, expecting to meet with over 50. The diversity of early-stage consumer crypto founders provides valuable insight into emerging trends. Categories like Farcaster integration, memecoin-related products, crypto x AI innovations, global payments solutions, and music industry enhancements are among the standout areas we're observing, showcasing the dynamic energy in consumer crypto.

As we navigate through applications, we stress the importance of effective pitching -- concise & compelling presentations, including a unique hook, a clear market approach, and focused problem-solving make a significant difference.

We're hosting FarCon’s Welcome Party on a rooftop in Venice Beach on May 1st!!! A curated, multi-day experience, FarCon is designed to convene, connect, and celebrate the driving forces behind Farcaster's ecosystem. Get your pass.

Boys Club is getting ready for /brandnew, a summit on consumer crypto and digital culture. They’re gathering the brightest tech optimists to cast a vision of what’s possible for the new internet. We’ll be partnering with the boys for the event -- Join us on March 12!

Overheard on Crypto Twitter

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