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you think you can hurt me? i'm building in public

and i got eliminated from crypto:the game

thank god my telegram notifications are on. god forbid i get some sleep.

Gm. Another friendly reminder that applications for SC07 close next Friday (Feb 16). We're seeing an influx of v strong apps and many founders 1) reapplying after making significant progress since SC06 (+1 relentlessness), 2) with term sheets or other accelerator offers, and 3) with tons of referrals from alumni, community members, and fans of Seed Club. We love learning more about what you're all building so apply before it's too late !!!

Lastly: we're hosting a SC07 Q&A on twitter dot com Spaces this Thursday @ 1pm et. come hang.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences. Live every Friday at 10amPT/1ET.

What if we found love onchain? '*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

This week on Internet Explorers, we featured Brian, co-founder of Unlonely, known for his vibrantly unhinged personality. Unlonely converges live streaming, memecoins, ephemeral experiences, and social context building, creating more than just a live streaming platform but a dynamic social playground. Their upcoming second season of Love on Leverage further exemplifies their unique strategy, involving a live dating show (ft. Seed Club darlings & sun child dream boys David Phelps & Cooper) where the audience uses the platform's $VIBES token to vote on compatibility, shaping a captivating context for user transactions in the consumer crypto ... and maybe even a chance at love (just hopefully not with me).

Frames continue to rip

Farcaster's recent launch of Frames, allowing users to embed apps into casts, resulted in a 7x increase in daily casters and over 5,000 frames casted per day. This innovation, building on previous improvements like channels, transforms Farcaster into a powerful decentralized social protocol, eliminating the need for external clicks and enhancing user engagement. The success of frames in converting users within the feed showcases their potential to incubate category-defining products, solidifying Farcaster's position as a leading decentralized social platform with a growing dev community.

Source: Dune

Frames have significantly increased Farcaster's DAUs, with devs rapidly adopting the protocol and Warpcast integrating native crypto functionalities like NFT minting, onchain voting, and gaming. Jacopo has built a few of the most interacted with frames -- watch the show below to dig more into his builder perspective, and packy’s piece is another great read if you want to go deeper.

Ownership changes the loyalty game

In his post on Uber's incentive programs, Andrew Chen highlights how such programs attract a different user type, often resulting in poorer performance than organic signups. However, the dynamics could change with user ownership applications, envisioning a scenario where ongoing usage earns tokens, fostering loyalty, especially if these tokens are tied to a protocol where users have ownership stakes. In this evolving landscape, products that treat users as owners and offer meaningful participation can redefine loyalty and user engagement in novel ways.

Is crypto the last bastion for a human centric internet...?

Last week, Jacob and Vitalik further explored the intersection of crypto and AI. Vitalik discussed 4 categories of AI applications in crypto, envisioning AI as a player, interface, rules, and objective of the game, emphasizing its potential in prediction markets for truth discovery. Jacob highlighted how crypto, acting as both a new IP and financial system, could address the incompatibility of current internet business models with AI, emphasizing the programmatic onchain attribution and value capture as a solution to encourage widespread distribution of intellectual property.

  • Daylight launched their first Farcaster frame, letting people check if they have any unclaimed airdrops directly in Warpcast. Since launch, 5,581 people used the frame, 3,189 created a Daylight account, and 1,047 completed a Daylight transaction (often worth thousands of dollars).

  • Yancey, founder of Metalabel and former co-founder of Kickstarter, discussed their upcoming release, describing it as a groundbreaking space for releasing, selling, and exhibiting creative work—a concept he likened to "Bandcamp for Everything." Metalabel (SC04) experimented with over 10 drops in the past year toward this vision, ultimately arriving at an exciting and seemingly obvious solution that they plan to unveil in the coming weeks.

  • SheFi Summit kicks off its world tour this year in Denver on February 28th. Secure your spot.

  • God tech, money tech, and onchain AI with Gabriel from Mochi on Rehash Podcast.

  • Boys Club is getting ready for /brandnew, a summit on consumer crypto and digital culture. They’re gathering the brightest tech optimists to cast a vision of what’s possible for the new internet. We’ll be partnering with the boys for the event and Jess will be speaking! Join us on March 12 during SXSW!

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