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QUIZ (special edition): does a polycule count as fitness?

find yourself at sc07 demo day on june 20th

good morning,

People are always telling me to “find your art” and “hone your craft." Anon, have you even tried to look within?

This week I took my existential confusion, put on my noise cancelling airpods, gave my rumba a 5 minute break, and opened my front camera to peer deep into the depths of my soul, and finally, I was able to find myself. 

I know I sound like I’m in some nebulous limbo between genius and certifiable unhingement, but that’s just my creative mind at work. I’m not trying to unpack that too much.

We teamed up with (creative visionaries) Edmond and Chris to create a quiz to help you discover which crypto archetype you are. Are you the Network States Anarchist? Mid curve NPC? 2017 Cycle Rich Guy? Take the quiz & look deep within.

mint your results & RSVP for demo day on june 20th to unlock a special treat

all our Highly Regarded friends will be there.

xx c

If you tipped or received eligible tips in comments on your mints between April 1 and June 9, you’ll have $enjoy to claim starting TOMORROW. Polygon launched a Community Grants Program, allocating 1B POL over 10 years to support builders within the Polygon and Eth ecosystems. And Arbitrum DAO plans to spend 225M ARB supporting gaming projects. Robinhood acquired crypto exchange Bitstamp. Solana's first smart wallet, Fuse, has arrived. Crypto: The Game has been acquired by Uniswap. Jil Sander, Maison Margiela, and Marni announced plans to use Aura’s NFC chips for onchain authentication. Base overtook OP Mainnet in TVL. Telegram's The Open Network is the fastest growing L1 network of 2024. TON’s TVL has increased 27x since the start of the year to over $385M. Polymarket had their best month ever in May, doing $63M in trading volume, and it looks like June is on pace to beat that so far. The volume is heavily concentrated on a few presidential election markets. SC07 Demo Day is on June 20th and you need to register to attend!!!

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Product Spotlight: Floor & Notcoin

Last week's show kicked off with Chris from Floor. They’re building “the home for web3” and “the onchain everything app,” which includes a wallet, social feed, portfolio tracker, trending tokens, news headlines, + more, all bundled into a single mobile product, compatible across ton of chains. They're building at the intersection of a bunch of crowded markets so it was fun to hear Chris' perspectives on winning strategies and Floor's approach to differentiation.

Another fun product to explore is Notcoin. It began gaining traction as a Telegram-based coin tapping game, and its official launch as $NOT just concluded last week. It's onboarding and game mechanics are remarkable, and it has seen crazy virality due to its token incentives and large user base on Telegram. The game has now amassed over 35M users, peaked at 6 million DAUs, and over $5B in trading volume. This is wilddd for a coin tapping game.

Now, they're leveraging this distribution to collaborate with other projects and introduce quests where users can earn more $NOT by engaging with products in the TON ecosystem, effectively becoming the TON Layer3 or Galxe. This highlights both the potential of tokens as a catalyst for expansive business opps and the distribution power of Telegram. As an aside, Hamster Kombat is the latest sensation on Telegram, already surpassing Notcoin with 116 million players.

Token-Market Fit

Mark Beylin wrote a good article about Token-Market Fit, building off of The Token is The Product. He talks about the intricacies of making a token people actually want, examining tokens as narrative discovery tools and efficient venture capital. There's a delicate balance between crafting narratives that resonate broadly to drive token demand and the reality that the most significant opportunities often lie in contrarian and misunderstood areas. Ultimately, he doubles down on the overarching goal of tokens: to attract high-value contributors and participants who align with the project's mission and are willing to support it with their capital and energy.

This perspective of tokens as products is under-appreciated but growing increasingly relevant. As we transition into a cycle dominated by consumer engagement and retail participation, tokens that effectively tap into people's beliefs and aspirations, offering access to desired experiences, will capture the most attention. This involves actively cultivating a market for the token, ensuring it provides a positive ownership experience, and fostering meaningful social contexts for its utility and value proposition.

The rise of software creators

Anu's latest post dives into the inevitable rise of "software creators" in the era of AI. The democratization of media creation and distribution led to the rise of content creators. Similarly, the democratization of software creation and distribution, now accelerated by AI, will usher in the rise of software creators.”

These software creators, analogous to content creators, will be self-taught individuals or small teams focusing on concept, creativity, and distribution rather than technical complexity. While challenges such as distribution and platform constraints persist, the landscape is evolving towards a more open and inclusive model where software is built by and for a broader audience.

All in all, this is moving in a direction that aligns with the opportunities enabled by crypto. Crypto offers a platform for these software creators to thrive by providing tools for launching ephemeral apps and "anything apps" that bundle protocols and identity data to serve their audience uniquely. Moreover, crypto facilitates the creation of networks that allow others to more easily contribute and build within these communities.

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