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date idea: im pitching an esoteric crypto app and youre being nice to me

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g to the m,

summer is in full swing. my brain is churning cement and peacefully atrophying trying to function in a nyc heat wave. so here's my summer wishlist that you didn't ask for:

a fully developed prefrontal cortex; a wells notice; neurotypical allegations; a singular bitcoin; not buying the top just one time; a haunting romantic fixation; my parents telling me they’re proud of me; having a polymarket made in my honor; the jeweled motherboard baby from the schiaparelli FW 24 show; cancellation of the show Milf Manor; a hard break from my relationship with Solana trading bot; a world tour with 6 stops in southern Europe

xx c

listen and enjoy

Zora Network is now supported on Uniswap and Zora also updated its feed system. Privy is launching cross-app wallets! Omnichain interoperability protocol Layer Zero has released its airdrop eligibility checker for its ZRO token, and many users are frustrated that they aren't receiving as much free money as they expected.

Shipped on Farcaster this week: Longer casts, narrowcasts, reply bumping, channel rituals, cast drafts, trending cast notifications, X mentions, channel streaks, muted keywords. Highlight launched sponsored mints. Milady cult raises $20M in 8 hours. Dexscreener launched pump dot fun competitor "moonshot," and it's off to a hot start. With Solana Actions and blockchain links (blinks), transactions and onchain actions can now be embedded into the social/discovery experience. This is cool because it meets users where they already are (e.g. twitter) with an interface they are familiar with (e.g. action urls) and reduces the number of steps for users to execute onchain transactions. While the rest of the market is down bad, TON hit new all-time highs and flipped DOGE in market cap.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

SC07 Demo Day in review

When you're in the weeds building in consumer, hype shifts and flows on a weekly or monthly basis. Yet, when we take a step back and focus on what's actually valuable, it's the incredible teams with deep visions and the trust in their ability to navigate and drive towards those visions that stand out. Over the past three months, the progress made by the builders within our SC07 cohort has been remarkable. Now, we have nine teams running in unique directions, each contributing to emerging categories and opportunities.

if you get excited about headless marketplaces, real world assets onchain, novel use cases of open social graphs, earning tokens in augmented reality, supercharged sports fandom, content curation games, ai-enabled self exploration, or full stack brands, SC07 demo day should be a canon event for you.

Thank you to everyone who showed up last week -- we so appreciate you dedicating their time and energy towards supporting these teams, sharing their visions, trying their products, minting the memorabilia, and making this such a fun space to build.

If you missed demo day, you can rewatch it below and don't forget to mint the launches on Forage for a chance to win 4,000,000 $ENJOY!

Product Spotlights: Wildcard &

Karan from Wildcard joined the show last week. Wildcard is a new farcaster native social app. It's reminiscent of friend tech but packages everything together in a novel way and offers a unique combination of features including: Ticket Purchasing: Users can buy tickets from creators; Revenue Sharing: Users earn a share of the tips that creators receive; Fractional Tickets: Allows users to buy portions of tickets. This lowers the barrier to entry for creators who rack up high ticket prices; Points System: Includes a points system to reward engagement. Overall, it reflects a broader trend of ephemeral social apps trying to find new ways to capture and store value from user activity. I'm interested to see where they build from here.

and next...

Imagine a public liquid market to price your time. is a new app that lets you to buy and sell minutes of people's time on a bonding curve that you can then exercise for 1-1 meetings, texts, async meetings. When you redeem minutes, that gets sold back into the bonding curve and the creator gets rewarded. It's an interesting experiment to try to let the market decide the value of your time and they're getting some good volume from a concentrated group of users since launch.

The Rise of TON


Ton continues to be one of the biggest narratives recently. Over the past two months, it has transitioned from a breeding ground for basic experimentation to a legitimate chain for development and investment. Pantera Capital announced they were raising funds for "Pantera TON Investment Opportunity" to further invest in TON, following their largest-ever investment in the network just two months ago. Total volume has surged dramatically, showcasing the power of Telegram as an effective onboarding tool. However, the development tooling remains nascent, there are concerns about the chain's reliability, total value locked (TVL) is still relatively low, and most builders have not yet migrated. While it's worth experimenting with Ton, it is likely prudent to keep building natively on other chains for the time being while starting to experiment over there.

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