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dexscreener has taken me places I wouldn’t go with a gun

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every day is like one year in consumer crypto i swear. I for one have been ironing the last few wrinkles of my brain on the new pairs tab of dexscreener. if you're in nyc next week for nft nyc you should invite me to your party. also we are announcing our sc07 cohort later this week so strap tf in !!!!!! many updates below.

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Blackbird sold out an onchain breakfast club in under 24 hours. Hey just introduced creator licensed posts, giving Lens creators the ability to set terms on how social content is monetize and used. Daylight integrated Farcaster. Crypto: The Game is prepping for S2: Anon Island, where all players will mint NFTs for a spot in the game. Pods introduced Collector Feeds, so collectors now have their own personal RSS generated by their onchain collection. People can't seem to stop sending money to random presale memecoin addresses and Base memecoin season is on a tear.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Bracket Game

Josh & Jess kicked off the show last week with the founders of, a new speculative sports game built around the idea of owning shares in fan collectives. Tim & John debuted their app with a focus on March Madness. How it works: you buy into teams that are playing in the tournament which gives you voting shares into the underlying fan collective. As more people invest, share prices rise on a bonding curve, with a 6% fee on trades contributing to a prize pool distributed based on team performance (30% of the pool will go to the winning team, 14% to the 2nd place team, etc). With $100k in volume from 700 participants within 24 hours, this team is on a mission to revolutionize sports fandom through crypto ownership and participation, and they expect further growth and engagement as the tournament progresses.

Over-intellectualizing as a service

We're dabbling in the over-intellectualization of memecoins because it aligns with our ethos of over-intellectualization. We've coined the term "scenecoins" for ventures like $enjoy, distinguishing them from traditional memecoins like $DOGE or $PEPE. While memecoins derive value from meme attention, scenecoins like $DEGEN and $ENJOY gain value from the collective investment and engagement within their respective communities, representing a shift towards coordinated scenes rather than singular memes. $ENJOY, for instance, functions as a scenecoin for enthusiasts of onchain media, rewarding contributions and attracting those interested in digital culture moving onchain.

Crypto as the next iteration of the attention economy

Li Jin put out a great post that expanded on her original piece "The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content." The takeaways: Bill Gates's seminal 1996 essay anticipated the internet's potential for creators but also warned about the necessity of compensating them. Despite this foresight, creators struggle with meager earnings while a select few platforms dominate. Platforms and creators struggle to effectively monetize attention through imperfect methods like advertising, leaving untapped value from superfans and other monetization avenues.

Crypto offers a promising shift by reintroducing digital scarcity, offering a pathway to a more equitable distribution of wealth and control. Crypto represents the next evolution of the attention economy, addressing the shortcomings of web2's flawed attention economy model. It introduces "attention assets" such as memecoins, NFTs, and tokens, providing a more granular and efficient market to measure and capture attention's value in real time. Users invest in these assets, expressing their beliefs about future attention and interest accrual, creating a direct link between attention and economic value. Moreover, tokens can initiate attention, fostering speculative communities that cultivate organic interest over time, illustrating the transformative potential of crypto in reshaping the attention economy landscape.

Botto is making daos actually fun

Botto, an autonomous AI artist guided by human-voting feedback, recently raised $1.67M. Each week, Botto prompts its art model, selects the top 350 images using a taste model, and allows $BOTTO token holders to vote for the top image, which is then auctioned off, with proceeds divided among token holders and the DAO treasury. With over $4M in sales, including a Christie’s auction, Botto's success stems from its focus on creating a compelling DAO contributor product and concentrating collective efforts on producing high-quality art consistently. Essentially, Boto has turned participating in the DAO into a fun social consumer product, and using it earns you a rev share.

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