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i paid for mushroom tea at FREE WIFI with intersubjective work tokens

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hope everyones been having a wonderful week. I for one got some rare strain of illness from FarCon/FREE WIFI which has caused me to be the sleepiest girl alive but im still here hanging in there building, shipping, cooking, thriving.

THANK YOUUU to everyone who came out to hang with us at FREE WIFI/AIRPLANE MODE. We'll be sharing more contentzzz from the event soon but in the meantime here are some highlights from this week in consumer crypto!!!

xx c

holy fffff so much has happened in the past week.

Zora acquired Base announced Onchain Summer 2. Friend Tech launched v2 - Major changes are $friend token and lp farming being natively integrated, as well as Clubs which are basically collectively owned chat rooms -- Over 100k clubs have been created since launch. Farcaster averaged 70k+ DAU in April. Paragraph acquired onchain publishing platform Mirror. Coinbase Wallet added support for Zora Network. The Bitcoin network surpassed 1 billy in all-time onchain txs (much of its recent uptick can be attributed to Runes). $Enjoy introduced Tip Gigamultiplier Technology to reward other scenes like $higher. You can now onboard your users via Instagram with Privy. Boost announced a 100k OP Creator Fund. SuperRare introduced $RARE tipping. Seed Club hosted FREE WIFI at FarCon LA, Boys Club hosted the Net Gala in Bushwick and im just imagining the number of net gala and farcon babies conceived last week. FWB announced their FEST lineup. Everyone (now Robinhood) is getting a wells notice except me.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Mirror + Paragraph

Paragraph raised $5M from USV and Coinbase Ventures, and acquired web3 publishing platform Mirror. The Mirror team has already pivoted to work on a Farcaster-based social network called Kiosk. The value prop? When onchain social meets onchain commerce, it’s more than just posting, liking, sharing, and commenting. It’s being able to share an image and make it mintable as an NFT with one click. It’s being able to discover and buy the assets your friends are collecting and creating directly in the feed. It’s being able to bring together like-minded collectors and community members in a token-powered channel or group chat. It’s being able to tip, earn, and be notified when anything important happens – all without leaving the app.

Titles Collection-Trained Models

Titles, an AI-powered onchain creator platform, unveiled a new feature allowing artists to train AI models on their collections. This feature retains attribution to the original creator and provides them with a share of all mints utilizing their models. It's an innovative feature worth exploring, and soon we'll see an experiment of training a model on $Enjoy memes.

Eigenlayer / Death of Airdrops

Eigenlayer's recent airdrop has sparked frustration due to a complex whitepaper and allocation structure: only 5% is allocated to stakers while 55% goes to investors and the team, with additional restrictions on token transferability and regional blocking. This situation reflects a growing disillusionment with this endless infra cycle, overfarmed hyped up airdrops that yield nothing, and low float high FDV game. On the other hand, memecoins, scenecoins, and consumer products with real traction are vertically integrating and launching tokens, giving people a bunch of ways to get exposure to the social, cultural, and application layer. It's only becoming increasingly clear that’s what is going to dominate attention this cycle. Why would retail buy and hold a $5B infra token when they can play more fun, understandable, social, and high-upside games elsewhere?

Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top, a Blast-based fantasy influencer game recently launched on mainnet, has gained significant traction, generating 2000 ETH in fees and boasting over 20k DAUs. You basically buy cards of influencers, choose who to start on your team, and compete in tournaments based on the aggregate social metrics of your team over a time period. The product is providing users with a fun game layer atop their social browsing experience, further proving that simply speculating on social activity is actually what people want.

Watch the full episode:

jk we have internet explorers every friday @1pm et (

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