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Seed Club Ventures – December Digest

Monthly updates from the Seed Club Ventures ecosystem

This month we are excited to announce our investment in Seam, a web3 social platform redefining how we connect and express ourselves online. Seam offers an innovative canvas for digital creativity, allowing users to build custom profiles with composable internet content, including images, GIFs, videos, NFTs, tweets, music, and embedded websites.

Central to Seam’s unique approach are its “mini-apps”, open-source software that enable users to creatively interact, whether through posting on friends' walls or personalizing their profiles. Beyond mini-apps, Seam empowers developers to build themes and templates, complete with on-chain creative attribution and royalties, for users to deploy across their profiles.

In an era where traditional social media platforms have become monotonous and negative network effects are preventing people from sharing authentic content, Seam stands out by encouraging whimsical, intimate online interactions. This is achieved through the use of mini-apps that allow users to drop content into curated social spaces and web pages. Seam’s approach is a departure from the mainstream social media feed. Instead, it focuses on fostering genuine connections within small, trusted communities and makes social media personal again.

Seam's innovative approach extends to its business model, transitioning away from the prevalent ad-based revenue systems. It introduces a marketplace for user-created mini-apps, themes, and templates, where users earn Seam Points for their creations and interactions. This not only encourages a cycle of creativity and personalization but also aligns with our vision at Seed Club Ventures of supporting platforms that prioritize user agency and ownership.

We believe that the future of social media lies in platforms like Seam, where personalization and user ownership are at the forefront. If you're excited about the prospect of a more personal, engaging, and user-driven social media experience, we invite you to join the Seam community and create your Seam profile at If you’re a developer, you can also launch new mini-apps using Seam’s Block SDK, and easily port existing open-source code into Seam!

Redefining onchain organizations

Hats Protocol is a way for onchain organizations to create and manage roles. In bringing roles onchain, organizations can ensure the right addresses have the right permissions at any given time. Hats (roles) are represented onchain by ERC1155s, enabling interoperability with other onchain organizations and applications.

In December, Hats Protocol hosted its first-ever Demo Day, exploring the future of onchain organizing and presenting a diverse set of 9 organizations using Hats in innovative ways. Highlights included: Mochi’s Autonomous World Machine, which curates decentralized AI datasets using Mochi, Hats, JokeRace, and CollabLand & Sobol’s Hats Composer, the first AI-enabled Hats tool that uses an LLM to build onchain organizational structures including Hats Trees, Safe multisigs, and Moloch v3 contracts all deployed from a unified UI. In case you missed the Demo Day, check out the recording 👇

CoLinks: SocialFi evolution

Coordinape is a platform designed to enhance collaboration in decentralized teams and onchain organizations. It revolves around the concept of "Gift Circles," where contributors allocate 'GIVE' tokens to each other based on the value of each member's contributions, fostering a culture of appreciation and accountability. This system not only allows for equitable reward distribution but also aids in building individual reputation both within the organization and across web3. By empowering members to recognize and reward impactful work, Coordinape aims to strengthen team connection, encourage ownership, and facilitate the engagement of contributors.

In December, Coordinape launched CoLinks, a socialfi platform and fork of built on Optimism. Similar to, to build your social network, you buy the ‘links' of other users. Link prices are on a bonding curve and, once you’re linked with someone, you can see their content in a private global feed.

Unlike, CoLinks assigns a reputation score to users based on their LinkedIn, GitHub, and Coordinape activity. CoLinks is also post-based rather than chat-based, and has a less aggressive bonding curve and high fees on selling, which dampens speculative activity.

CoLinks is gaining steady adoption, contributing to a healthy and more useful product experience. The new launch supports our thesis around the negative network effects of large networks and that people are willing to pay, directly or indirectly, for access to smaller, curated, and trusted places online. Be sure to check out the app on & use invite codes: 


Internet Explorers 

Internet Explorers is a new Seed Club production – a weekly rundown show where Jess, Josh, and Peacenode broadly explore the most interesting consumer crypto topics and new internet experiences. It's hosted every Friday at 10AM PT // 1PM ET. The latest episode features Natasha from Boys Club, Sam from Fini, Jon from Cabin, Jiaqi from Sofamon, and Lucas from Pods. Catch up on YouTube and mint episodes on Pods! 👇

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