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Seed Club Ventures – October Digest

Monthly updates from the Seed Club Ventures ecosystem

Today we're excited to bring the monthly Seed Club Ventures Digest, which was previously exclusively sent to our ecosystem's insiders, to a broader audience. As investors who often espouse the values of building in public and developing community, this only felt natural!

In case you’re new here, Seed Club Ventures is a venture DAO backing early-stage founders building for a world of internet-native organizations. We’re proud to have a membership of 60+ leading innovators and investors, be part of the Seed Club network, and to have invested in the pre-seed and seed rounds of 50+ diverse projects across decentralized science, art & music, social, and artificial intelligence.

Our Digests typically include ecosystem updates, events we’re hosting or attending, and product launches and requests from our portfolio projects. Looking ahead, we're exploring the introduction of in-depth editorials and thesis pieces, Q&As with our members and founders, as well as other onchain media experiences. Without doubt, the best place for us to build this decentralized media empire was Paragraph, one of our early investments, which leads us nicely onto the Digest itself – let’s dive in 🚀

New tools for writers

Paragraph is an all-in-one web3 newsletter publishing platform. It does everything you’d expect from a web2 newsletter platform, like Substack, but also uses onchain primitives like token-gating, membership NFTs, wallet delivery, and collectibles to supercharge content creation, distribution, and monetization.

Updates: Paragraph added support for Zora network, letting creators turn written work into NFTs and letting readers own their favorite content. Paragraph collectibles are also featured on the Zora homepage, helping creators build not only a collector base but a subscriber base of true fans. Inspired by Zora’s protocol rewards, Paragraph also announced Referral Rewards, a new way to incentivize growth for creators. By adding wallet addresses to any Paragraph URL, creators can get paid in crypto when users click links and take qualifying actions. Moreover, if other creators join Paragraph using their link, they’ll get rewarded - indefinitely - every time they monetize.

t2 is a social writing experience for the modern digital age of publishing. In introducing new ways for writers and readers to interact, they aim to foster community discussions on niche subjects and help people spend more time in meaningful interactions.

Updates: t2 released Territories V1, the first phase of social writing experiences on the platform. Territories are borderless common grounds where writers and readers explore interests, from general to self-defined niches (t/DeSci, t/NeededAdjustments). t2 also opened registrations for Friends Who Write, a full month of writing sprints with a $5,000 prize pool. Applications close November 15 – be sure to gather a group and sign up by then!

Onchain superpowers for communities

Hats Protocol is a way for onchain organizations to create and manage roles. In bringing roles onchain, organizations can ensure the right addresses have the right permissions at any given time. Hats (roles) are represented onchain by ERC1155s, enabling interoperability with other onchain organizations and applications.

Updates: Hats Protocol launched Hats Modules – programmable extensions for each hat. Modules can be connected to hats to expand their functionality, such as automatic granting/revocation and activation/deactivation based on specific conditions. Any builder can create their own module and plug it into their own organization’s hat structure permissionlessly, while also making their module available to any app supporting the Hats Modules Registry. Apps can also tap into the Hats Modules infrastructure to offer these same module options to their end-users.

Asks: Whether you’re a member of an onchain organization or individual builder, Hats are welcoming folks to join their community and to claim a Community Member hat. The founders are also taking calls with those looking to get started in paving the way for new automations that drive higher levels of organizational performance.

Lore helps communities coordinate initiatives at internet scale. Using the Lore platform, a community can quickly form to kickstart an initiative, crowdsource ideas, create media, and pool capital onchain.

Updates: Lore launched a new and improved Create flow for community leads to easily launch community-driven initiatives onchain. Use cases have included the community creation of IRL basketball courts, the co-purchasing of museum memorabilia, and Basepaint artists acquiring brushes and voting on what to paint next together.

Asks: Lore is currently working with select communities to help them launch successful initiatives over the next few weeks – apply here or share with communities to work with them directly!

Onchain efficiency and yield

MetaStreet is an onchain high-yield credit protocol, enabling users to borrow against or lend NFTs instantly, efficiently, and without permission.

Updates: MetaStreet announced its Wolf of MetaStreet affiliate program for users to earn cashback on interest generated when friends start borrowing/lending on MetaStreet. Each user successfully referred earns a 1% bonus from interest earned with referred Borrowers and a 2.5% bonus from interest earned with referred Lenders.

Asks: MetaStreet’s mstETH pool was launched with an initial issuance of $1.2M. It’s now 100% utilized, earning 11-17% yields. They’re now increasing the mstETH cap to $8M and seeking intros to potential LPs / DeFi influencers. They’re also rolling out a simplified UX, “MetaStreet Earn”, a mobile interface, and the tokenization of all lender positions and seeking intro’s to potential DeFi integration partners and DeFi podcasts and newsletters.

Den is the fastest multisig for onchain teams, powered by Safe. Den helps teams create, understand, and execute complex transactions fast. Their latest offering is a full bookkeeping and financial insights suite.

Asks: Den are seeking introductions to onchain organizations as prospective customers, including: DeFi and other onchain protocols, teams using DeFi via self-custody or multisigs, and other organizations generating revenue or paying expenses onchain. 

Seed Club network updates

The Event marked the end of SC06, our sixth accelerator cohort and first explicitly focused on consumer. We worked with 10 projects building things uniquely enabled by crypto, and aligned with our vision for a dramatically more interesting internet. They blew some brains open and we’re so excited about the future they’re carrying us towards! A huge thanks to everyone who joined and made The Event so special. For those who missed it, be sure to catch the recording

Internet Explorers is a new Seed Club production – a weekly rundown show where Jess, Josh, and Peacenode broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences. It's live and online every Friday 10AM Pacific – tune in!

Until next time

Thank you for taking the time to read through the monthly Seed Club Ventures Digest. Please don’t hesitate to share any feedback and suggestions for future digests and editorials with the team – we’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in getting involved with Seed Club or any of our portfolio projects, please don’t hesitate to DM Anthony or get in touch directly! 🌱

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