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Prelude of Summer Tales: Eyes from the Past

Day 1 on Amorgos Island, just one hour after my arrival, and one of my favorite vacation photos has already come to life. What led to this moment is crucial for the tales that follow.

Let’s go on a memory trip, fam.

It's Friday, and I wake up with a knot of stress in my stomach. Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving, and today's to-do list seems endless. I need to wrap up my final work tasks, submit my application for the MSc in Metaverse, draft that crucial email to the Professor asking for a job, and, of course, clean the house.

It’s almost midnight, I am closing the laptop exhausted, but I need to have a drink with her.

I am packing my things, and saying goodbye to the family, I don’t know when I will see them again, and I am heading out.

There is a girl that we, let’s say, have been dating for a while, but I hadn’t seen her for over a month. She told me that she was going to climb to the top of Kilimantzaro’s mountain, a very dangerous attempt, so I wanted to say goodbye to her.

She's probably the craziest girl I've ever met. She’s 38, and the night we first met was one for the books, but that’s a tale for another time, maybe I will include it in the "Winter Stories"

We hung out in the streets and bars at Athen's center till 4 a.m., and before I left, I said,
"Can I kiss you for good luck?"

She smiled, kissed me, and hugged me for a long time.

She’s in Africa right now, and I really wish that the reality will exceed her wildest imagination since it’s her childhood dream ❤️

Anyway, I headed to a friend’s home, the boat was departing at 6 a.m., so I didn’t manage to get any sleep. We arrived on time, and the boat sailed. The journey into another summer adventure is starting.

Usually, long trips are boring. Not this one. I was already stressed. You see, there were 15 friends in that crew, but there was also an unforeseen presence joining us on this trip.

Bear with me for a small story within this tale, and you will understand.

Flashback to October 2022

I'm grappling with my breakup with the Lady, and just a few weeks prior, I had sold out the Pillars of Tomorrow. But tonight should be great, we have a home party with all the gang.
Indeed, I am having fun, it’s only good vibes as usual.

"Who is that girl? She’s beautiful, but aside from that, she has something else that I can’t quite understand now. She catches my eye and smiles. I quickly look away; my self-confidence is still shattered because of what Lady did to me. Let’s go for some more booze and hit the bathroom."

I talked to her, there was chemistry, and I kissed her after a few minutes. The party was going great, holding till the morning. We got pretty wasted, and there were some miscommunications, but we made love, and we hugged and talked until she fell asleep. I went home very happy. But she left for Barcelona the next day, and, except for one time, I never spoke to her until that day.

Returning to July 2023

I am nervous, I am looking around me all the time. She should be on the boat now, right? How should I behave?  Does she remember me?

I wait for my coffee, joking around with the gang, and watching the other passengers. Suddenly, a girl captures my attention, and instinctively, my eyes widen and my mouth drops slightly.

"Wait, why is Teddy greeting her? Oh my God, it's her."

Her real name comes from the word Light and means Bright.

Gathering my courage, I approached her, trying to be typical. Her response was unexpected. She held my hand, looking deep into my eyes, and we talked for hours.

Then she went to sleep, but I couldn’t, I was daydreaming: "Maybe since we are going to be there for a few days, we could create some summer memories to keep us warm during the winter."

The trip was grueling—9 hours in the sweltering heat. When we arrived, most of the gang went to the camping place while I and three others waited for them to return and take us.

30 hours without sleep plus exhaustion resulted in this iconic photo.

By the way, the sleep was great lmao.

As for her, she swiftly transformed into the 'Fire Girl' in my memories. She put light into my dreams, and she burned my hopes, as you will see in the next parts. She played a pivotal role in my current journey of rediscovering myself, in which I am keeping my body and mind clean after a very long time.

And for that, I really hope she finds what she's seeking in life 🪄

Until our next story unfolds,
Much love ❤️

Senti 🪄

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