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To my friends

A lot of times, I value friendships over family bonds.

Because friends are based on choice, family is not.
The same goes with relationships, as Lauren said:

There is no greater way to learn + grow than being in an intimate relationship.

There is also nothing that can traumatize you more than love.

So my friends are always my safe place. I have a lot of close friends—more than most people, and way more and cooler than I imagined when I was a lonely kid.

But today, I will write about those six I have already mentioned in my Summer stories.
People who are synonymous with adventure, character, and an out-of-the-box way of thinking.
A lot of wonderful memories, and I have become more open-minded as I grow because of them.


I can't say too much about him since he's an ongoing story and I don't know how it will play out.

Right now, I can't be alone with him, mostly because he's a living memory of things that I try to leave behind.
However, I know that if he hadn't been by my side on some of those cold nights, things may have turned out worse.
Perhaps what he did that night was exactly what I needed at that time.
Since we came back to Athens, he's been behaving like that regretful ex who sends long messages in the middle of the night.
I hope that at some point he will understand how much he devalues himself. I still believe in him.

The Q:

The youngest member and the newest addition to the crew.

We came closer during the last winter.
It was my unexpected savior on New Year's Eve.
Honestly, I don't like to think about what would have happened if it hadn't come with me to the Temple that morning.
Loudest laugh in the crew and probably the most energized one. After me, obviously.
I am really excited to watch it evolve through the years to come.


I have known him for like 10 years, but I didn't like him until 4 years ago.

Now I love him, and that's my living proof that people can change, but you also need the right circumstances and an open mind to recognize it.
Best humor in the crew and the one that grasps better what I am trying to do in Web3 and Twitter.
What I am experiencing this year, he has also gone through in the past, and he returned stronger. And that's an important factor when it comes to mutual understanding and not losing hope for myself.
Mponi and his girlfriend, Lola, are also in the coolest relationship I have ever seen.


I often say how much I wish to hang out more with him when we were younger.

That mfer had, and still has sometimes, lava in his veins.
We all have experienced tough shit, but nobody I know well comes close to him, except maybe the Lady.
He's so kind, though, in his own unique way.
When he's smiling, sis, my whole soul becomes happier, and I believe that the others feel that way too.
His ability to understand how you see things and discuss them is unmatched. Except when it comes to sports, cuz he's a casual.


If you read about the time I almost died, there's a friend who caught me as I was failing.

That's him.
Teddy is the kind of friend I never expected to have.
Cool AF, the guy is a walking storyteller.
My favorite laugh in the crew and the one I have the best chemistry with, in a quiet but also explosive way.
I think that when it comes to living your life on your own terms, along with the balance between the darkness and the light, he's the best example I know


My oldest friend from the crew; we were classmates at the uni so I have known him for 12 years.

It took us years to come really close, and it was more a result of slow, steady evolution than a breakthrough moment.
A sweet human and also a walking accident lmao. He's basically the IRL version of Mr. Bump.
A lot of people have strong principles, but very few are consistent with their actions.
Tzoutze is one of them.
In every situation, in every place, no matter how uncomfortable I am feeling, when he appears I instantly feel better.
I don't know exactly why but I feel lucky for him.

Ι feel lucky for all of them.

I met many good friends on Web3, too. I have that silly dream that one day I will be able to gather all of them in one place. They have three things in common, so I think they would get along well.

First, is Web3.
Second, they are good people
Third, they are fucking warriors.

Although they know who they are, this write-up is going on-chain and perhaps I won't have another chance to mention them together.

Max, Amir, Emilios, Alex, Selene, Nikos, KitKat, Bastien, Katerina, and Lorenzo.

Thank you for reading 🪄

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