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From Dusk Till Dawn

One chilly night spent wandering

Today, I’d like to introduce you to "From Dusk Till Dawn", the third and final act of the instrumental suite opening my Tableaux Électroniques album.

I wrote this piece imagining wandering through a chilly night, taking in sounds, smells and sights until the sun rises on the horizon. The result is a soundscape in which you can walk accompanied by a blend of electric and acoustic timbres, and guided by the sometimes distorted sound of an oboe

Stolen Melodic Themes

Like the preceding parts of the suite, the melodic themes of "From Dusk Till Dawn" are not born in isolation but "stolen" from previous songs. The "chilly evening" theme comes from "Autumn Sunset", while the central "sunrise" theme is borrowed from "Sunrise on Mars". These pieces are part of my ongoing project "Moods and Modes", a never-ending collection of short instrumentals in different genres. "Moods and Modes" serves as an open playground where I often get inspiration to remix, reshape, and recreate past melodies.

Limited Digital Edition

"From Dusk Till Dawn" is now available as a limited edition NFT. This means there will only be 25 copies available, making it an exclusive artifact. To participate in this unique release, all you need is a digital wallet and head over to

Like the preceding releases, all the revenue generated from the sale of these NFTs will be used to professionally remix and remaster one of the original short pieces, and I’m leaving the choice of which piece to remaster in the hands of the Golden Egg winner (the lucky collector decided when all copies will be sold out). So by supporting this NFT release, you're not only owning a piece of my music but also making an impact on future releases.

Derived works

There will also be the possibility to win some of the 25 digital copies by collecting the derived works released during November 2023 in the form of “Fragments” or “Liquid Dreams”.

The first Fragment (free to mint on Zora) is a short clip inspired by the cover art and highlighting the "sunrise" theme:

The second derived work is "Liquid Dream No.3", a short ambient piece where all sounds are made by manipulating a single sample of "From Dusk Till Dawn". It's a sort of musical juice extraction and the result is this sort of hallucinated piece:

And finally here's a small Fragment inspired by Liquid Dream No. 3, free to mint on Zora:

This makes the end of works derived from "From Dusk Till Dawn", and that exhaust my exploration of the sonic worlds of "Autumn Sunset" and "Sunrise on Mars".

In the next months, I will re-enter and re-explore, with a series of remixes, the sounds of "Moods and Modes vol II", who turns 5 years old next March.

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