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Moods and Modes

Let's scale up our emotions :)

Me (and you)

First of all, nice to meet you! I am a musician based in Italy and "Moods and Modes", the subject of this post, is my main musical project. If you care to know something more about me, you may read this nice interview in the Alternative Friday blog (and maybe you’ll discover some new indie artist while you’re there!):

If you’d like to say hi and tell me more about you, you may hop in my Discord server and have a chat!

The project

The purpose of “Moods and Modes” is to explore the feelings that the different musical scales and modes inspire (at least to me) by composing a collection of short instrumental tracks, in a variety of musical genres.

The pieces are collected in volumes of 6-7 songs each, released on Bandcamp and on every streaming site.

The short pieces are also intended to be used as source material for extensions, recombinations and contaminations. So they are often subject to remixes, both by myself and by musician friends, spinning side projects like the recent album Tableaux Electroniques.

Bookmark (or collect!) this page and come back often if you’d like to join me on this exploration trip. Welcome to my musical world!

Digital collectibles

All the tracks of the project will eventually be released as NFTs and find their permanent home on the blockchain. These are the different releases that will spin from the project:

  • Every “Moods and Modes” piece will eventually be remastered and “eternalised” as 1of1 or limited edition NFT on Ethereum

  • Every remix will be released as a limited edition on on Optimism and the revenue will be used to remaster and publish the original songs.

  • “Liquid Dreams” are small improvisations inspired by the remixed pieces released exclusively as open editions on “Fragments” are small video clips on Zora that document my experiences onchain, like a sort of digital scrapbook. Both “Liquid Dreams” and “Fragments” collectors will have access to all future presales and to a dedicated space to help shaping the project (a dedicated channel in my discord server). If you like what you are hearing, these are maybe the easiest point of entry to my musical world.

Volume I

Moods and Modes vol. I” collects 6 pieces written in musical scales with less than 7 notes:

Volume II

Moods and Modes vol. II” collects 6 pieces written in different flavors of the C major and A minor scales:

Volume III

Moods and Modes vol. III” collects 6 pieces written in D Dorian (one of my favorite modes) and F Lydian:

Volume IV

Moods and Modes vol. IV” collects 6 pieces written in other modes without accidentals (well, mostly). The first 3 pieces are a short trip around the world, the other 3 a short trip inside a mind.

  • Duende. A passionate piece with a spanish tinge in E Phrygyan

  • Kurai Umi. A fantasy japanese trip along some dark waters in the Insen scale

  • Ceilidh. A new take on a celtic jig in G mixolydian

  • Changes. Subtle mood twists in B locrian

  • Don’t Worry. A carefree swing track in C major blues

  • No More Fears. A small rock anthem in A minor blues

Volume V

“Moods and Modes vol V” will explore the G major scale and the moods it suggests to me. Pieces released so far:

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