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Oil and Water

Will they mix?

“Oil and Water” is the second act of the instrumental suite opening the Tableaux Électroniques album.This track is marked by some stark contrasts: between acoustic and electronic instruments, between fast and slow sections, between swing and straight rhythms.These contrasts won’t blend, but they will come to a sort of uneasy cohabitation, just like oil and water sometimes do. All the melodies you hear are played by a clarinet, at times heavily distorted and effected.

“Oil and Water” emulsify two themes taken from previous Moods and Modes pieces: Marilyn for the slow section and Geronimo for the fast one.

NFT Edition

I am releasing 25 digital copies of “Oil and Water” as limited edition NFTs on the platform, my second release after “The Joy of Sailing Away”.

All the revenue will be used to give life to a special edition (with a new mix, new master and new art) of the original piece “Marilyn” or “Geronimo” (the Golden Egg collector will choose which one). All the collectors will have access to the presale of every future releases and to a copy of Tableaux Electroniques. You can be part of the family by minting one of the 25 copies below:

Liquid Dream

“Liquid Dreams” are small ambient sketches where every sound is derived from a single sample, manipulated and warped like dreams do with our awake memories.

To create “Liquid Dream No. 2” I took a short audio clip from "Oil and Water" and subjected it to a series of transformations and manipulations, obtaining a series of sounds belonging to the same sound space as the original piece but at the same time distorted and dreamlike.

The short piece is available only on and collectors may win up to 5 editions of “Oil and Water”.


An uncanny animation of the cover art is one of the “fragments” inspired by the piece. This video clip is also available as a free NFT on Zora (collectors may win one edition of the “Oil and Water” piece:

While this is a video clip animating the cover art of the derived “Liquid Dream No. 2”. Like all Fragments, this is free to mint on Zora:

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