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Introducing Sonata

The first music client on Farcaster.

Welcome to Sonata.

The home for music on Farcaster.

It’s powered by NOTES - our onchain points earned by sharing music and tipped by listeners.

Sonata aggregates music shared on Farcaster - layered with a new economics through tipping.

If you’ve ever shared a song from Spotify, Soundcloud or Sound on Farcaster - you likely have a NOTES allocation to claim at

Note: These allocations live on L3 and are not redeemable until the end of Season 1. 

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Sonata?

Sonata is a client to share and upvote music on Farcaster.

Anyone can easily submit a link to a song on supported platforms.

The platform also automatically pulls any music that has been submitted across other Farcaster clients. Users earn a daily allowance which can be used to tip different songs they like - similar to DEGEN.

Under the hood - every upvote on Sonata is a like on Farcaster and vice versa.

This means if you like a song on Warpcast, Supercast, Nook or any client - it will register as an upvote on Sonata. And if you upvote a song on Sonata it will register as a like on those same clients. This same principle also applies to tipping - if you tip someone DEGEN on Sonata, it will leave a reply to that cast on Warpcast.

Sonata aggregates songs and puts them in a global Trending feed to give people a clear place to see what everyone is listening to.

What are NOTES?

NOTES are onchain points of Sonata launched as a Base L3 using Stack.

They are transferable but can not be redeemed outside of Sonata during Season 1.

At inception 150M NOTES are claimable by anyone who has shared a song across any Farcaster client from the following platforms:

  • Soundcloud

  • Sound

We’ve included an allocation to the Invest in Music community - including podcast collectors and grant recipients.

There are a total of 150M NOTES distributed to accounts who qualified - claimable on

The initial airdrop was calculated as a combination of the songs shared and likes generated by those songs.

The Genesis Airdrop will be available to claim for 90 days, after which the claim window will close and the points will be reissued at Sonata’s discretion.

Claim your NOTES by signing into Sonata and connecting to your Farcaster account.

Look for the “claim” button. NOTES will be assigned to the Verified Address associated with your Farcaster account. No gas or signature required.

How it Works

Every like on Farcaster acts as an upvote. The more upvotes a song has, the higher it ranks in the feed.

Every upvote on Sonata counts as 10 NOTES. This comes in addition to a tipping model which allows users to tip in either NOTES or DEGEN.

The amount of likes + tips a song receives will play into the curator’s daily allowance.

These upvotes will power a Trending chart - where NOTES will be allocated on a recurring basis to songs which receive the most likes + tips each day.

Daily Allowance

Every curator on Sonata will receive a daily allowance of NOTES for sharing music on Farcaster.

This allowance will be registered in real-time - resetting every day at 10AM PST.

When a user tips NOTES - tokens are transferred from their account to the curator in real time, thanks to it being on an L3.

Unused NOTES do not roll over, and reset daily.

The daily allowance was modeled after DEGEN - and calculated based on the number of posts made, how early you posted a song and your average interactions.

We will constantly monitor the daily allowance to find the optimal system for our curators and users.


The best way to increase your daily allowance is to share music on Farcaster.

Users can also tip the Sonata account with DEGEN - and automatically have their account credited with NOTES. (shoutout Perl for inspiring this idea!)

NOTES Fair Launch

The total supply of NOTES will be 1B tokens.

150M NOTES (or 15% of the total supply) are being retroactively allocated to all accounts who have submitted music on Farcaster or been a part of the Invest in Music community.

100M NOTES will be allocated in Season 1 which will run for 30 days as follows:

  • 75M NOTES to daily allowances

  • 25M NOTES to trending tracks

We expect to tweak and adjust the distribution of NOTES over the course of the first month - gearing towards an optimal model for Season 2.

In Season 2 - we hope to enable redemptions on Base, giving users the ability to freely trade their tokens.

We encourage users to share feedback on NOTES and help us inform the way they evolve in the coming months.

Closing Thoughts

Tipping good music is the core focus of Sonata.

We are heavily inspired by the social graph DEGEN has built on Farcaster and want to further push the envelope on real-time tipping and earning on Sonata.

We plan to support as many music platforms as possible - and are dedicating our resources to creating a Farcaster-native experience that authentically represents the songs that people are listening to everyday.

To share feedback on Sonata and notes - join the /sonata channel on Warpcast.

With love,


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