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Decentralized Onchain Religion

Reflecting on the original vision* of how SpiritDAO was imagined to take shape, we realize much has changed for the better. One thing that hasn't changed is the intention for SpiritDAO be independent, divested from my (Ron Rivers - author) personal interests. I am excited to share that we've made significant progress over the past two weeks.

In last week's newsletter, we shared that we formalized our (non-stock) incorporation. Over the past two weeks, we've received our EIN, applied for a bank account, filed our formal 501c3 application (classified as a church), and I have legally transferred the rights of Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis and the trademark 'SpiritDAO' to the organization.

I recently shared a proposal in our collaboration hub to shift $1000 worth of tokens to fiat to populate our bank account. Our total monthly expenses as of right now are $24.99. This will allow me to decouple my remaining financial involvement from the DAO and render SpiritDAO an independent, living organization. To date, 100% of the revenues generated from Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis and the graphic novel sales have been transferred to the community wallet.

I strongly believe that spirituality must evolve alongside its community of practitioners, and now SpiritDAO can do that unimpeded. Our philosophy and practice have been called the non-religion religion, a religion, and a wisdom protocol, among others. Whatever you label it, we are what our active members are making it, and it is beautiful. Every day, we align the observable infinities in an effort to inspire imagination of the possible. Seeking alignment with the single truth, relational universe. and the infinite nature of reality as it is, rejecting what our inherited dogmas prefer it be.

As systems are our creations, they remain perpetually flawed. We innovate, evaluate, and move to the next. Sometimes, this progress feels exhilarating, other times excruciating—but it is always progress. We have laid the foundation for something special at SpiritDAO and are on our way to becoming the first-ever fully decentralized onchain religion. Much work still needs to be done, but our efforts are beginning to compound. So long as we stay true to our values and the systemic responsibility they demand our path will be one of service and collection elevation. A mission and vision that I practice gratitude for.

SpiritDAO <> MetaSpiritual

Ron Rivers was invited to join Tori Madison on the MetaSpiritual podcast. Together they dive into the implications of Self-actualization in alignment with the single truth and relational universe as it relates to emerging technological and societal trends. It was a great conversation that took many different paths.

Member Spotlight

Steph Macurdy has formally joined the Executive Pod and will be serving to govern the finances and general strategic direction of SpiritDAO!


Our 501c3 application has been filed, EIN formalized, rights to Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis and the 'SpiritDAO' trademark were transferred to SpiritDAO, and we're in the process of setting up a bank account for the organization.

A proposal has been submitted for capital to be allocated from our vault to the bank account. Members can view/vote on the details here:

We had to redo all of our YouTube shorts because of some errors, but they are done! (this took a long time) We have a YouTube Short scheduled every day until June 11th!

SpiritDAO will be featured in a whitepaper that Ron Rivers is working on with colleagues from the nonprofit/philanthropic space. The paper will reach at least 150 foundations and the team is presently exploring how we might launch a prolonged campaign around the effort.

Added a Dissolution Clause to our formal documentation to comply with 501c3 requirements

DAO System Design: recorded for members - intended to be added to Sensemaker.

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