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The Burger Check - Simple trick scammers hate

Avoid accidentally losing all your money to scammers.

"Address poisoning" is a prevalent tactic among scammers, exploiting the standardized format used by many services to display cryptocurrency addresses. Typically, these addresses are presented as strings starting with a set of characters, followed by an ellipsis, and ending with another set of characters, such as: 0xb3967....46d66.

Scammers exploit this format by crafting addresses that mimic the start and end characters of legitimate addresses users have interacted with before.

So far they have had a lot of success for relative low effort.

Generating these addresses is relatively quick, but replicating the middle sequence poses a more significant challenge.

To make it increasingly difficult for you to fall for these scams, i introduced the "πŸ” check" for web3 addresses.

The "πŸ” check" is meant to aid non technical crypto users identify fairly quickly if two address are similar.

It has these 3 simple steps:

  1. Check for the start of the address (bread).

  2. Select a random sequence of 5-6 characters from the middle of the address (meat).

  3. Verify the end of the address (bread).

These steps are easily executable by humans, offering a basic yet effective means of validation.

The inclusion of a random sequence in step 2 enhances security, making it highly improbable for scammers to replicate the same sequence. Additionally, randomizing the start of the "meat" sequence with each transaction further fortifies security.

However, it's important to ensure the integrity of the source from which the address is copied before performing the "πŸ” check."

Do NOT use block explorers or wallet transaction histories to copy address, as they are not considered trusted sources.

Possible trusted sources may include:

In essence, the "πŸ” check" provides a simple and practical way for web3 users to verify addresses they intend to interact with, particularly geared towards non-technical users.
Its useful for checking all addresses including bitcoin and solana.

While more sophisticated users may employ advanced tools and additional checks, this method serves as a simple tool for educating and safeguarding against scams.

Feel free to share and educate others about this approach.

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