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Re-Introducing the Biblical Legends Anthology Series

With a request for book launch team volunteers

After last week's announcement that I've intended to revive the Biblical Legends Anthology Series, it seems the series had a resurgence of interest on Amazon. That's great news. I'm thankful for the interest.

If you're one of those who bought the book, I'd appreciate you leaving a review. Reviews can be left at Amazon or Goodreads by clicking the following links:

These books can also be found at Books A Million and other places books are sold. Any honest review is a good review.

Join My Launch Team

While the renewed interest in the series is good, I'd really like to re-launch the books, for several reasons, which I disclose here.

Bottom line: I want to make a bigger splash.

What I ask of my launch team members is to join at one of three different tiers. These are:

  1. Buy the book in any format

  2. Buy the book and review the book

  3. Buy the book, review it, and spread the word to your friends about it

I plan to re-launch all three books in the near future. The process will go something like this:

  1. I'll unpublish the books

  2. After a short while, probably a week or two, I'll republish them with some minor updates

  3. I'll provide a free PDF copy to my launch team members

  4. On launch day, launch team members buy the first copies, at a major discount, write their reviews, and begin spreading the word using social media and other channels at their disposal

My two primary reasons for wanting to re-launch the books is to increase reviews and generate new interest in the series, with an expansion of the series in mind down the road. In other words, I want to put out a call to other speculative fiction writers and publish other anthologies in the series to explore other biblical themes. Writers need not come from any specific background.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, you can join my launch team in one of two ways:

  1. Fill out this short form to signal your interest

  2. Either collect this post or this one and fill out this form to signal interest

When I have enough launch team members to make it worthwhile, I'll execute the plan. Let's go spec-fic fans, let's revive interest in the Biblical Legends Anthology Series.

Allen Taylor

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