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Hanover, Pa. is Full of History and Culture

There's more than meets the eye of this little gem

Behind Palestine, Texas, our next most popular video is Hanover, Pennsylvania. If you really want some history, this little town is rich with it. And culture too.

Photo by John Lloyd. Used by permission under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 license.

Home of the Hanover Shoe Farms, Hanover was also instrumental in the Civil War. Just a few miles from Gettysburg, its battlefield history gets overshadowed by the more historically significant Battle of Gettysburg. But what took place in Gettysburg can be better understood by the events that took place in Hanover. They are a part of the same military campaign.

Hanover being the age that it is, was also important to the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson spent the night there prior to signing the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. In fact, he was on his way to the first meeting of the Continental Congress.

Beyond wars and rumors of wars, however, Hanover has other things going for it too. Industry, arts, culture, and more.

The town is home to several small museums including a diesel engine museum.

Notable people who hail from Hanover include author and hymn writer Adaline Hohf Beery, American football player Al Bemiller, steam locomotive inventor Matthias Forney, and "Madame Butterfly" author John Luther Long. Hanover also has many historic homes and churches. Two local mansions still have bowling alleys in their basements.

We barely scratch the surface of Hanover in our video, but we think you'll enjoy the walk.

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