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Web3 Social Media Earnings, July 2023

It's still all about Hive

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I know some of you look forward to these monthly social media earnings reports, and I look forward to writing them. As promised, here's my report for July 2023.

The month turned out to be my third best month this year. In May, I earned more than $91 and I earned more than $89 in January. Keep reading to see how I did in July.

Platforms reporting earnings for the month of July include gFam, Hive, Odysee, Paragraph, Publish0x, and Torum. Additionally, I earned some crypto for conducting searches on Presearch.

Let's see how I performed on each platform.

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gFam (XRP)

gFam continues to be a consistent earner for me. While I don't earn anywhere near the amount of XRP I earned last year by posting to the platform, the earnings I do receive are consistent. Plus, it's XRP. And XRP is up since the recent ruling from Judge Analisa Torres that XRP is not a security. That ruling is subject to change as the rumor mill says the SEC is planning to appeal. Meanwhile, XRP is up to around 70 cents and some people are predicting it will go as high as $500. That's a rather bold prediction, but I do believe XRP is undervalued and will go higher. I see it as a long-term hold and the best part about earning XRP on gFam is that I don't have to buy it.

In July, I earned 7.609 XRP. That translates into $5.3399962 USD.

Total earned in July (rounded down) = $5.33

Hive (HP/HBD)

Regular readers know I'm sold on Hive. It's consistently my best earner, and it didn't let me down in July.

Recently, KuCoin and Ethereum proved to me that my loyalty to Hive is not misplaced. I've been accumulating ETH, AMPL, and SPOT earnings from Publish0x for a while, but on recent news that KuCoin is making life difficult for U.S. customers with KYC requirements and such, I decided to convert my SPOT to USDC on Uniswap and convert my AMPL to ETH on KuCoin. It cost me $11 to transfer $60 worth of AMPL to KuCoin to make the conversion and another $20 to convert $55 worth of SPOT. Those are outrageous gas fees.

I quit using Minds a while back because I realized that it would take nearly a lifetime to earn enough Minds to make a payout worth it since it, too, is an ERC-20 token. Any Web3 social media platform on the Ethereum blockchain is a liability, in my opinion, for this very reason. As far as I'm concerned, the tokens are useless if I can't cash them out within a reasonable time (like, in a year or less) without paying outrageous gas fees.

On Hive, I've been using Blocktrades to buy Hive and Power Up my account. I was planning to use Blocktrades when and if I ever decided to cash out any Hive. However, last month, Blocktrades announced it was shutting down. While that is terrible news, Hive is still traded on several exchanges, including Upbit, Binance, Huobi, and As long as Hive is available for trading on recognizable exchanges, I'll keep posting there.

In July, I earned the following cryptocurrencies on Hive:

  • 25.45 Hive Power (HP)

  • 8.11 Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD)

  • 9.95 HBD savings (20 percent APY)

These numbers translate into $9.30452 USD in HP, $7.491207 in HBD, and $9.18783 savings, respectively. That's my third best month this year.

Interestingly, my top 3 earning posts in July that have already achieved payout are the following:

  1. Introduction to Diamonds and Pearls: The History of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies earned $10.96 (this is interesting because the post was curated by OCD, a curation trail, and received a single vote over $7 from the curation account along with 78 other upvotes, many from accounts that follow the OCDB curation trail account)

  2. Conway, South Carolina: Hear What My Wife Is Telling Me? earned $2.98 (I wrote this post to promote my wife's and my YouTube channel, focused on travel destinations)

  3. How Social Circle, Georgia is a Happy Accident earned $1.14 (Another travel post)

Since I've started writing about travel on Hive, my post earnings have gone up a notch. That's encouraging. I can't wait to see my earnings in August. I've been selected as a guest curator for @Ecency, which means I'll earn extra for every post I upvote because Ecency will follow up with a curation trail vote. Those posts tend to earn well, so I can't wait to see what August looks like. I'll let you know next month!

Total earned in July (rounded down) = $25.98

Odysee (LBC)

I synced my wife's and my YouTube account with Odysee in June and forgot to report my earnings last month. I've done no promotions on videos. I imported them and let them sit. In two months, I've earned 1.2406605 LBC on about 60 videos. That translates into $0.011669652663 USD.

Total earned in July (rounded down) = $.01

Paragraph (MATIC)

If you've been following me for a while, then you know I moved my Substack newsletters to Paragraph and consolidated them in April. It's been making steady and respectable earnings since then. But it doesn't earn rewards like these other platforms do. On Paragraph, readers buy posts as NFTs. It's not my favorite way to earn, but it's interesting to see it in action and I'm thankful for everyone who has shown faith in my work and supported it by purchasing the NFTs.

I've also got to say that I'm much more a fan of MATIC than I am of ETH. Paragraph is a layer-2 Ethereum solution with lower gas fees. That makes it much more amenable to small token exchanges and swaps.

In July, I earned 10.45 MATIC on Paragraph. That translates into $7.22304 USD.

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Total earned in July (rounded down) = $7.22

Publish0x (ETH/AMPL/SPOT)

Though it is centralized, Publish0x is my second favorite web3 social platform simply because of its steady earnings power. There are other things I like about it, but the fact that it is a steady earner is a big plus. The biggest downside is that all the tokens are ERC-20 tokens. I still have $15 in FARM sitting in my MetaMask wallet that I'll likely never be able to convert and can't do anything with. I don't use Harvest Finance and have no interest in it.

The bright side is I can earn ETH. Do I use it? Only when I bridge it to Optimism to buy Mirror NFTs. But I'm not a prolific NFT collector, so that doesn't happen often. ETH is more a HODL product for me and I'll likely cash out a large portion of it at the peak of the next bull run.

My July earnings on Publish0x were 0.00221428 ETH, 3.0044 AMPL, and 7.3231 SPOT. That translates into $4.18 USD, $3.20 USD, and $8.35 USD, respectively.

Total earned in July = $15.73

Torum (XTM)

XTM is an ERC-20 token. Right away, you know what I think about it.

I was going to exit Torum, but because cashing out my $20 worth of XTM was going to be cost-ineffective (the gas fees were higher than that when I went to do so at the end of June), I decided to stick around and continue posting to Torum, after all. Why not? I have more than 5,000 followers and gain a few more every day. Those are active readers (and, yes, they do read my posts).

So, I figure, Torum is a good platform for audience growth, if anything. Damn the token!

I earned 78 XTM in July. That translates into $1.37046 USD. Now, if I would only remember to post there every day so I can claim the weekly rewards.

Total earned in July (rounded down) = $1.37

Presearch (PRE)

When I'm doing a lot of researching, either due to client work or because I'm writing a book, I earn more PRE. Lately, I've had less client work and I'm not actively writing a book at this time (thought that is subject to change). That means my PRE earnings is a little low. Still, I managed to earn 8.7 PRE. That's considerably lower than June's 35.7 PRE, which was mostly from referrals rather than searches. It's also much lower than January's, February's, and March's 29.90, 30.14, and 25.56, respectively (all of which was from searches).

My USD earnings for July were $0.260217.

Total earned in July (rounded down) = $0.26

July Earnings from Web3 Social Media

Like I said at the beginning of this post, July 2023 was my third best earnings month this year from Web3 social media platforms. Down from May but up from June, my total earnings were $55.91893985.

Total earned from all platforms in July (rounded down) = $55.91

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