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"Chronos' Legacy: Secrets of the Guild"

Chapter one: Eclipse

Searching for

If things were not crazy enough, my boss just came asking me to recruit someone who, as far as I know, is just an illusion. After doing some research on the decentralized web, I could manage to find some clues about where this "Eclipse" warrior could be hanging out. The truth is that only a few messages shared within the Farcaster protocol led me to this bar downtown, but who knows if this were just a few guys bluffing about who they know to get some extra engagement. However, that's my only tip, and I should check it out.

The bar is tucked away in the back alleys of the city. It's a popular hangout spot for mercenaries, hackers, and other shady characters who prefer to keep a low profile. When I enter, the air is heavy with the smell of alcohol and electronic fumes, and the neon lights cast eerie shadows on the walls. The furniture is worn and mismatched, cobbled together from salvaged parts, and the bar counter is lined with various gadgets and tools of the trade. The bartender is a grizzled veteran with cybernetic enhancements, scanning the room with a suspicious eye. The atmosphere is tense, and the patrons exchange whispers of deals and secrets. It's the kind of place where one must watch their back and choose their words carefully, as danger lurks in every corner.

As I take a sit, the bartender, a grizzled cyborg with glowing red eyes, leans in and asks me what I want.

Me: "A cold beer and some intel, if I may"

Bartender: "Coming right up." The bartender grabs a cold beer from the cooler and slides it across the counter to me, the condensation leaving a wet ring on the surface. I take a sip, savoring the refreshing taste.

Bartender: "What kind of intel are you looking for?"

Me: "I need information about Luna 'Eclipse' Chen and Spectra. I've heard they're skilled hackers and warriors, and I need their help for a complicated mission."

Bartender: "Ah, Luna and Spectra. They're known around here, but they're elusive. Luna is a prodigious hacker and cyber warfare expert known for her unparalleled skills in infiltrating systems and using light and shadows to her advantage. Spectra is another skilled operator, often seen in the underground hubs of the metaverse, dealing in illegal tech and information."

Me: "Any idea where I can find them?"

Bartender: "Hmm, they're not easy to pin down. They're like ghosts, always slipping in and out of the shadows. But I've heard they frequent the BlackNet and the Shadow's Den, two notorious cyberpunk hangouts known for attracting the best of its kind"

Me: "Thanks for the info. Do you know anything else about them?"

Bartender: "Not much, my friend. Luna and Spectra keep their secrets close. But be careful if you cross paths with them. They're not to be taken lightly. Luna's hacking skills are unmatched, and Spectra is known for ruthlessness and cunning."

Me: "Noted. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the beer and the intel."

Bartender: "You're welcome. Good luck with your mission, friend. Stay sharp."

I nod, finishing my beer and leaving some credits on the counter before heading out, determined to track down Luna and Spectra, knowing that their expertise could be the key to unlocking the secrets of my mission and ensuring its success in the treacherous world of cyber warfare.