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Writing a Farcaster Bot

A simple way to cast messages using Github Actions and Google Spreadsheets

A long time ago, I wrote a twitter-bot solution. This solution was built to be used by me and my team at Scifabric. The main reason is that we had one Twitter account, and we wanted to tweet automatically at given times without using third-party tools (because of their price).

The solution was "simple": using a Google Spreadsheet where each row is a tweet and a script that every N hours tweets one of the messages in that spreadsheet. The best part? You can share the spreadsheet with your team; they could add new tweets to it, and the script would take care of them. Moreover, the bot reshared them over time (using round robin), encouraging the team to add more content so we seem less repetitive than we should.

Fast forward to 2023. Elon takes over Twitter and bans almost all Twitter API solutions. My personal bot was discontinued, and I decided to move the bot to Farcaster.

Farcaster bot

Reusing some of the code and redoing some of it, I simplified it to be the bare minimum. The license, as the previous one, is AGPLv3 so that anyone can use and/or modify it :-) You can clone the repository here:

What do you need? As mentioned before, you only need a Farcaster account and a Google Spreadsheet.

If you fork the project, you could use GitHub Actions to cast messages without having to require any nice infrastructure :-) Check out the Github Action and adapt it to your needs.

The previous bot allowed me also to include images in the tweets. However, the a16z farcaster library is unclear about how to do it. I've created an issue in their repo, so hopefully, I can add that missing feature in the next few days/weeks. This will allow artists to showcase their own collections within Farcaster much faster than ever and even plan ahead of time their content.

NOTE: if you don't have a Farcaster account, you can ask me; I might have some invitations left.

Stoicism and software quotes in Farcaster

If you want to see it live, just go to and give it a follow. If you don't have an account, you can just read the quotes (which will be about science, stoicism, and coding).