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Test #200 - In case you missed it

Monthly Changelog - ChatPT, Paragrph, Grammary and more

Hey there, fantastic folks!

We've got a colossal changelog for you today, and it's no surprise that AI is stealing the show! ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO, Bing, Notion, Paragraph, and countless others are revolutionizing the way we work and live with their AI-driven superpowers.

But hold on a sec! We've got something extra special to share 🎉 This newsletter marks our 200th issue! To celebrate, we've taken a trip down memory lane and created an extensive, nostalgia-filled edition that harkens back to our days on the Revue platform.

I've curated a treasure trove of content for you, thanks to a cutting-edge Discord server-powered solution. And that's not all! In the spirit of celebration, I'm inviting you to join our exclusive Discord server through a whitelist sign-up form 🥳

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So, gear up for a journey through AI wonders and celebrate our 200th issue with us! Don't miss your chance to join our whitelist and collect your exclusive NFT. The future is now, and we can't wait to explore it together!

What's new?

  1. released its GPT4-powered AI assistant to help you with newsletter editing along with an option to collect posts. This solution was specifically designed to help you with your newsletter editing tasks. This groundbreaking feature is now available to everyone, providing an unparalleled editing experience for writers of all levels. On the other hand, post collection feature is similar to what you can find on Mirror but for newsletters.

  2. Grammarly, the popular writing enhancement tool, has recently integrated AI into its newest feature, GrammarlyGO. This groundbreaking addition, currently in Beta, aims to transform the way writers enhance and modify their text. As a Beta release, the feature is available only on the web and not yet accessible to all users.

  3. OpenAI has introduced a series of new features and improvements to its ChatGPT platform that focuses on user privacy, data control, and enhanced user experience for writers and content creators. The AI-powered language model is now more secure, user-friendly, and better equipped to cater to the needs of professionals and enterprises.

    ChatGPT is still Alpha and probably the best tool you can test & try these days. If you want to learn more about it, check this guide as well 👇

Tier One Changelog

This is a list of apps which I am testing myself and using on a daily basis and will be able to cover their new features even when I am short on capacity. It will be useful to writers, bloggers, content creators, DAO builders and others.












Early Access

I often sign up for waitlists and this section is just about it. If you are interested to get early access to new upcoming products and features, check it out.


Web3 remains to be one of the emerging fields where loads of new products are being built. Here you can find info about NFTs, marketplaces, wallet apps and many more.

Alien Frens NFT


Magic Eden







Web3 remains to be one of the emerging fields where loads of new products are being built. Here you can find info about NFTs, marketplaces, wallet apps and many more.










Microsoft Edge

Google Play Store


Microsoft Outlook



Google Messages


Microsoft Teams


Lawnchair Launcher

Proton Drive


Google Drive


Microsoft Bing

Google Maps


Google Sheets

Google Authenticator


Google Contacts

Google Photos

TestingCatalog Update

And last but not least, some updates regarding TestingCatalog itself.

1. I am still mostly polishing the Discord server, experimenting with it as a content curation platform. So far, it helps a lot with categorising news from different sources under a specific changelog per app.

2. Next newsletter very likely won't be comprehensive and this curated content will rather stay in the Discord itself. On the other hand, there will be more content which is appealing to an audience to whom I belong - content creators who produce text-based content. Should I just say "bloggers"?

3. At the same time, I am also working on building an automated content publishing pipeline which can rely on AI support. This will allow TestingCatalog to scale its curation capabilities (now I am mostly curating what I see and there are loads of things which I don't).

4. SEO, will be another item on which I am willing to focus a bit more now. Cuz it is better sooner than later 🫠

Don't forget to sign up for Discord access 📩

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned and let me know what you think 🙌

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