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Active Governance - Noun 582 - #4

Looking at props 248-255

Hi there! Welcome to another issue of Active Governance. It's that time again to look at the latest proposals over at Nouns DAO and share my thinking process with you.

I would like to thank @ccarella for showing me @paragraph_xyz. It's a more native web3 solution and the newsletters will be stored on chain for posterity. I'll be switching over for the time being.

It was looking like a quiet week, but a lot of new proposals came in the past few days. We got a lot of ground to cover, so let's dive in!


These are my personal opinions based on how I believe the DAO should be using the treasury to achieve its goals. I made the decisions based first and foremost on the on-chain proposals.

Prop rating is based on the quality of the proposal itself and not whether I support it or not.

Proposal 248 (Voting Against)

Rage Quit (2)

This one certainly made waves in the nouns community. I don't have much context on past discussions on this. I'll be basing my opinions, as always, mostly on information provided on-chain.

The proposal is poorly detailed and it assumes people know what rage quit is. Which I didn't.

I don't see how this pushes the DAO forward in any way. Purchasing NFTs and investing in projects comes with risk. We shouldn't jeopardize the DAO's mission and treasury because some people want a better exit.

Heads down, let's build.

Prop Rating: 1/5

Proposal 249 (Voting For)

Nouns block graffiti x ETH solo staking

So much to like with this proposal.

I really agree with the concepts presented such as supporting decentralization and solo stakers. Very nounish indeed.

I've been itching to get into solo staking for the past 6 months but I've been deterred, like many, by the technical prowess needed and the fear of messing up.

With this prop I'm more interested than ever to pursue it and hopefully it will inspire others too. Solo stakers are an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem. It's awesome that nouns will be supporting it. And we'll also get the benefit of proliteratoooring the meme via the noggles.

Prop Rating: 4.5/5

Proposal 250 (Voting Against)

Noun Nyms

I'm interested to see how the community will vote for this one. I feel like I might be in the minority here.

While I do value anonymity, I just don't think it is a feature that is needed right now. Heyanouns seems fulfill this gap well enough. Furthermore it is a sizable ask. I would much rather we'd be using these funds for actions that add value and bring awareness to the brand.

There are quite a few projects ongoing already that focus on improving the DAO governance. From what the proposers said this is very new technology and it seems like we'll be paying for it. This just ties back to my point of it not being needed right now. When this technology is more readily available maybe it can be implemented with a lesser cost (both of time and money).

A quick note on the prop that I will keep hammering on is that there is no information on the team whatsoever and no links to get further info. Don't trust, verify. isn't this what web3 is all about?

Prop Rating: 3.5/5

Proposal 251 (Voting For)

Showcase Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection at NFT.NYC

Beautiful and complete proposal by a proven builder.

Fair ask and detailed expenses.

Perfect market to showcase nounish ideas.

Prop Rating: 5/5

Proposal 252 (Voting Against)

Nouns Fine Jewellery by: State Property ā€“ supported by HeyMint

I really do appreciate all the work the proposers put into this prop.

It is very well detailed and touches on all the important points. The team seems experienced and capable. Also the ask is fair and in line with what is being proposed.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day I just don't think it's the right culture fit for nouns. And that's the only reason I'm voting against. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong on this one though.

Prop Rating: 5/5

Proposal 253 (Voting Against)

Nouns Hack Week

I like the idea. Seems like it would be a great event to celebrate everything nounish.

Even though this is a volunteer project I still think it's important to at least link the socials of the members organizing it. That way nouners not very inserted in the community can do further research and follow the progress.

While in this specific case I do know some of the proposers and their capabilities, I still have to vote against here in my hopes to enforce better proposal standards. This proposal lacks details about the event and how it will be organized as well as basic info on the team.

I know I might be coming off as too harsh or not nounish here, but I think it's important to think about the whole workflow of the DAO and how we are setting the norms for the future.

I will gladly support this idea with some more information provided on the proposal.

Prop Rating: 2.5/5

Proposal 254 (Voting For)

Nouns Deli Melbourne: Piloting a Nounish Franchise Model

Okay I LOVE the idea of a CC0 franchise. And it makes it so this proposal isn't just locally focused but something that can be expanded globally. Maybe I'll be starting my own franchise soon?!

The rest all looks great. Experienced team with a fair and detailed explanation of the costs.

Can't wait for this one. Hope we get to see many updates.

Prop Rating: 5/5

Proposal 255 (Voting For)

Nouns Wallet Service

Right now I really wish we had a tool to track ongoing proposals and their categories. This proposal reminded me a lot of which is funded and being developed right now.

After reading through I do see how it's a different idea, but it makes me wonder if the DAO isn't shooting in too many similar directions at once.

All that being said I actually really like this idea! Seems like it could be quite the useful tool.

As I was researching the team I started to listen to their poolside FM mix and it's an absolute banger! So bonus points there šŸ˜‚

Prop Rating: 4.5/5

Phew, that was a lot of proposals!

I don't really know who the audience is for this kind of newletter, but I do enjoy writing it.

So if you made it this far, thank you!

I'm completely open to discuss any topic further. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @lep0327