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The ABCs of Web3

The nursery rhyme you wish you had.

A is for ADA, Cardano's shining star,
B is for Binance, where CZ's visions spar.
C is for Coinbase, where trades brightly shine,
D is for Dogecoin, in the internet's line.

E stands for Ethereum, where contracts are neat,
F is for Farcaster, where web3 meets.
G is for Gas, no fees we aspire,
H is for Halving, when rewards do expire.

I is for ICOs, fundraising's new door,
J is for JSON, in blockchain's data lore.
K’s for Kraken, where deep waters swirl,
L is for Litecoin, a digital pearl.

M’s for Musk, whose tweets often plot,
N is for NFTs, the art world's hot spot.
O is for Oasis, a protocol true,
P is for Paragraph, the place we all write.

Q stands for Quorum, where private chains lie,
R is for Ripple, waves fast and straight.
S is for Solana, with speed to adore,
T is for Tokens, treats digitally neat.

U's for Uniswap, where tokens find fate,
V's for Vitalik, whose feats can’t be beat.
W is for Wallets, our crypto's safe nest,
X marks the XRP, one of the best.

Y stands for Yield, in DeFi's big push,
Z’s for Zero-knowledge, where secrets are hush.

In the world of web3, endless possibilities you'll see,
And with this little crypto rhyme my dear, your knowledge will soar!

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