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Engaging with Decels and "Winning" the Cultural Battle

The secret to wrestling pigs

I've been thinking about the on going "battle" on twitter and beyond about the conflict between e/acc against the detractors, specifically EAs and "decels" which is meant to be derogative and equivalent to calling people slow. In capable of going fast not out of caution but a lack of intelligence. This also frankly makes the e/acc look like assholes to those only casually following the debate, without understanding the nuances.

These are meme names but they map fairly consistently to known ideologies like capitalism (e/acc) or authoritarianism (EA). In the cultural battle, it becomes important to consider how you engage with these other non e/acc ideologies.

I propose to you that the cultural battle is irrelevant. Continue to build, and post memes about accelerating. Engaging in an intellectual battle is equivalent to wrestling with pigs. You both get dirty but they like it.

The only winning move is to not play. Focus on the future. Focus on building. Focus on optimism.

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