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Preparing for AGI and Post Scarcity

It’s coming. The Golden Age of Entrepreneurship

Here are some quotes from Sam Altman you should find interesting:

3 parts:

  1. It’s All Going to Be OK, Amazing Even

  2. Some thoughts on how to prepare/take advantage

  3. Post AGI and how Crypto fits in the picture (because it absolutely does.)

It’s All Going to Be OK, Amazing Even

There is a good chance that in 2024 the knowledge worker is going to go the way of the railroad worker. Actually a more accurate statement would be: knowledge work is going to go the way of manual labor. Most of it will be done by machines. We know in hindsight what a revolutionary change that was. How incredibly good it was. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at times, the quality of life increased dramatically for the vast majority of the world very quickly. If you’re worried it’s a bad thing, here’s a quick example of 2nd and 3rd order effects you might be missing.

In 2023 for a few days, we thought we’d accidentally discovered a room temperature, ambient pressure super conducting material. Here are just a few things that could be done with such a material:

1. No loss of energy during transportation so you could have a few nuclear reactors in the middle of nowhere and transport that energy to every corner of your country. Anything you can conceive of that involves moving energy is now in a different universe of possibility.

2. Maglev trains that go as fast as jets. Cities can now be spread out and connected through super fast public transportation.

As it turns out the experiment could not be replicated and so the hunt for such a magical material continues. But who knows how close we are to such a discovery. With an AGI type support, we might make that break through very quickly. The world as you know would be totally changed overnight. That’s just one break through. Who knows how many breakthroughs there are all over the world across industries. Curing cancer. Tripling the human life span. Do you see why I have little sympathy for software engineers loosing their jobs because coding in Javascript got easier? Stop looking at the tiny door that just closed and look a little to the right and see that the giant gates to heaven are opening up.

To the group saying “What about the doors to hell? This technology is too dangerous talk about that.” To you I say, you guys have always existed and you say the same thing every single time. EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN TIME. But THIS time is different. Cut it, you wet blankets. The burden of proof is on you. All your doomsday scenarios involve skipping 7 steps in the middle and taking 4 imaginary things for granted. Just stfu.

Ok now where were we, ah yes. World is changing, doors are opening like never before. Breakthroughs possible in all direction.

Some Thoughts on How to Prepare/Take Advantage


Everyone is a founder. If you’re not a founder right now, you will be, so go to the next section.



Be ambitious. The things a small team, even a single person can do will soon jump exponentially. Imagine for anything you attempt you had a team of 5 super geniuses from the top Ivey League school, all of whom had top grades. Would you be trying to sell SaaS or trying to come up with a cure for cancer? That’s the scale of change in ambition the new generation of founders needs to have.


Stop looking at ability. Ability does not matter. When it comes to startup success, ability is not at the top. It probably isn’t even top 3. AGI means everyone has a super suit for their brain. I see a lot of job descriptions asking for X or Y skill set. This is already an outdated practice. You’re not building for a world with AI. Look at their interests. Their drive. Their work ethic. Their values. Their vibe. Is there alignment? Is there a fit? These are the people you’re going to need to build with. Or you will be eaten alive all day everyday by the teams that optimized for this.

Post AGI and How Crypto Fits in the Picture (Because It Absolutely Does)

(Because it absolutely does)

The pace and scale of change happening in the world of AGI means we need structures that can update our social fabric at this point. Or it’s like having a Ferrari engine on bicycle tires. Crypto is the technology that allows us to capture and distribute the value that will be generated. The old models of monetization, equity, and regulation are not just slow but lethal if you're trying to compete in today's world. Don’t bother. Build on and for crypto. The world will come to you. It won’t have a choice.

The golden age of entrepreneurship is coming. Be ready anon!

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