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The Next Stage of the Degen Evolution

The Future Awaits

We've done part one. Meme $Degen past meme coin status. Now it's real money. Which means you can do real things with it. You can fund your own growth which is what I'm still seeing a lot of (Like, reply for tips.)

I don’t have anything against the above casts. But there's an opportunity here. To help $Degen continue to make a meaningful impact in the world and continue to grow it’s value. Thanks to Jacek’s tipping model for airdrop 2, you have control of the incentive structures. As the value of Degen rises, so does your impact.

For example, tip people who help new casters feel like their not shouting in the void. This all started with just a few hundred people who discovered Farcaster and found a place where they felt heard and could connect with others. Every Degen has an opportunity to help hundreds feel the same way. Who each can help hundreds of others. The Positivity Ponzi.

The more you do this, the more you have to tip. Guess what, you’re now a VC. You can create your own personal bounties or “requests for startups” and help bring to life things you think can have a meaningful impact in the world, or even to the Degen community. Which helps feed back into the value of Degen and all associated projects.

It’s time to start thinking bigger. The Future Reserve Currency of the World status awaits, and we’re not settling for anything less.

See you onchain Anon.


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